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  • How to Choose Your Mascara Based on the Wand’s Brush?

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There are countless of mascaras on the market. How to know which one is the best for your eyelashes when there are so many different formulas? If you don’t swear by a brand that you are loyal to you can discover amazing properties of the mascaras based on their brush. Interestingly enough, but the formula of the mascara can be much more enhanced by the shape of its brush. Even if you regularly buy products of brands that you buy other makeup from, you should leave your comfort zone and find the one that will truly define your eyelashes and create that dramatic and bold look. So, if you are ready to embark on this journey, let me help you by explaining how the brush thing works. Read on.

A Thick Brush

The thicker the brush the bigger volume it will give you. Choose a wand that has lots of bristles because these wands will get a greater amount of the mascara and you will be able to easily create bulky lashes. They will see to it that all of the lashes regardless of how short of fine are caught with the brush and the voluptuous effect will follow. You won’t even have to apply more than two layers of it, in fact, only one is enough. If you overdo it, your lashes might get stuck together and the split look won’t be as enchanting.

A Thin Wand

The thin wand is excellent if you want to achieve the super lengthening of your lashes. They give a seamless coating from the root to the tip and can easily apply the mascara on the top, bottom, inner and outer lashes. The best lengthening mascara formula will just guarantee that your lashes are extra-long and defined.

When it comes to choosing the best lengthening mascara, pay attention that the formula is for lengthening the lashes only, and not those 3 in 1, because if you want long lashes, you can’t have it both ways – long, thick and curled. Such mascaras are;

A Curved Wand

This type of wand will give you an even coverage on the whole of the lashes even on corners that are the hardest to get. Not only will it get all the lashes but also it will add drama by curling them and defining to the perfect precision. So, if the look you are going for is curled lashes, pick a curved wand.

A Tapered Wand

Full and separated lashes can be achieved with a tapered brush. It gives the lashes a huge amount of volume at the base and thins as you continue applying it to the tip. The small end will define the lash line and you can easily apply mascara to the lower lashes which will increase the drama factor.

An Hourglass Wand

This interestingly shaped brush allows you to create and uniform finish by evenly layering the mascara on the eyelashes. If you are convinced that several layers of mascara do your lashes greater favour than that is your ideal type of wand.

A Spherical Wand

The funny looking spherical brush is perhaps the most unusual type of a brush that is ideal to give your lashes a defined finish. The tip of the brush enables you to focus on individual areas by precisely applying the mascara.

So, what kind of effect do you want to achieve? Don’t forget though, that the formula still matters and the ingredients it has are what makes the effect possible, not just the band. Thus, investing in a quality mascara should always be a priority. The type of wand is only there to direct you in the right way.

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