10 makeup essentials for brides
  • 10 Makeup Essentials That Should Be A Part of Every Bride’s Vanity

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While you are pondering over which wedding banquet halls to choose or what theme to use in decoration, you must not skip in planning your very own bridal trousseau. Every bride aspires to look the most radiant at her wedding. But all the home made beauty treatments and spas are not enough to bring that extra charm that is essential in every way. Achieving a flawless beauty somewhat depends a bit on what makeup you use and how you apply it. Though a prior skincare is undoubtedly require, you need that extra shimmer to put your best foot forward.

Now take a deep breath and get ready to fill your makeup bag with these products.

1. Primers:

Though neglected by most of the brides, primers are important when you want your makeup to stay for a longer time. Though with time the makeup starts getting dull under sunshine or wind but putting a primer beneath all your makeup would keep the makeup alive for longer hours. These make for an essential part of bridal makeup as it lends an airy texture to your skin and reduces the appearance of any redness or wrinkles.

2. Concealer:

As the name suggests, it conceals or hides any area that needs to be hidden. Say it some black mark, a pimple, pigmentation spots, concealers does it all. But, for your wedding, you need to have some heavy duty concealer to keep everything alright on your big day. Now, roam freely with no worries over your little imperfections.

3. Foundation:

A foundation is a heavy duty makeup product that cannot be omitted from your makeup session. For a big day like this, you need to look your best because you are the star that everyone would look at. Thus, Foundation is what every bride must include at any cost. Available in various shades, choose the one that goes with your skin tone. It is better to apply a lighter tone as it blends itself with the skin after some time. These are of various types. Like for dry skin, oil based liquid foundation is suitable. But for oily skin, water based liquid foundation would be perfect. Matte foundations are also available to suit such skin types. What more you have cake or stick foundation, cream foundation, spray foundation or mineral foundation to match your ease of application.

4. Blusher & Bronzer:

No bridal makeup will be completed without a blush to appear on your cheeks. There are various shades and you may try out some of them with an expert who can understand your skin tone and prescribe you the right hue.

bridal makeup products

Bridal Makeup Products

Bronzers are also a part of makeup that creates illumination. But, make sure that you choose the one that is two shades darker.

5. Makeup Sponge:

No makeup miracle could be achieved without a makeup sponge to apply on it. Do not use your sponge dry. Make use of these sponges and you are sure to get the makeup right on your face that will remain intact for the whole day.

6. Setting Powder / Pressed Powder:

The concealer and foundation need to be locked upon by a dryer base and that would be your setting powder. After applying a foundation you might feel a bit stickiness on your skin. But, using a pressed powder can help in eliminating this discomfort for you. These are also available in different shades to match your skin tone. Pick the rightful one that will give your makeup the justice it deserves.

7. EyeLiner / Mascara:

We are now finished with the face and our next makeup move is for your eyes. Eyes are the mirror to one’s soul and to enhance that reflection, you need to highlight your eyes in that perfect manner that will just bring about the sultry look to them. Choose a waterproof one and you may try out some different colours other than black.

8. Eye Shadow Palette:

Be a little bold with the eye makeup and use an eye shadow palette that goes with your dress. Use the shimmery pink, gold or nudes to complete the regal look in your eyes.

9. Lipstick:

Cannot even imagine what a makeup is without a lipstick? Lipsticks love every skin tone. The reds, maroons, mauve, pink, nudes, browns are all the types that are required in a bride’s makeup kit. Go with the one that you look best in. Because your wedding day is not the best time to experiment. Moreover, choose a long lasting one so that you don’t have to make rounds to wash room frequently to reapply it.

10. Blotting Paper:

Keep this in your purse for any mishap so that you can simply wipe out the mark without disturbing any makeup on skin. With a light touch, just put your blotting paper and you won’t smudge it at all.

Knowing these bridal makeup products name will help you in getting your makeup kit ready on easy basis, although it might create a hole in your pocket but when it’s about your wedding, you need to give a damn to such things.So, go and grab these products to give a complete angelic look to yourself on your wedding and flaunt your beauty.

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