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  • What You Should Add to Your Shopping Cart Every Time

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What do you want to buy when you go online shopping? The list in your head is probably endless. Especially if you don’t have to worry about the cost of your purchases, it’s easy to imagine just going on a splurge and having a makeover. You imagine your life will be so much better if you had all the expensive products you’ve always been hesitant to buy.

The reality may not be as simple, though. You may not have endless disposable funds, and even if you did, all the products in the world may not be as effective as they all claim. It will be better if you focus on products that can actually do something, to make your finite purchases matter.

Buy a foundation that matches your skin complexion completely

skin foundation

This is a struggle for most women because your favorite brand may not have an extensive line of shades to choose from. Don’t let this be your roadblock. If a brand doesn’t have your shade, chances are, they don’t know how to create products that work for your certain skin type. Sticking to a shade that’s pretty similar but you still have to correct means a couple more minutes for makeup in the morning. Even worse, if you don’t color match the foundation using other products, you’re walking around with uneven skin tone all because your loyalty to a brand was more important to you.

Select toners for your skin type

toners for your skin

Even if your favorite brand has a blanket statement saying they fit all skin types, when it comes to toners, that is hardly the case. You can’t just use a generic toner if you have very oily skin or very dry skin. For these skin types, you’ll need all the help you can get, and fortunately, online shopping for the right toner doesn’t really mean a steep price difference. Make the switch so that your skin toner actually helps in your skincare routine and doesn’t present additional problems instead.

Purchase makeup pads in bulk

makeup pads

Makeup Pads

As long as you do skincare, you’ll need cotton pads to apply and remove makeup. These pads are essential in your makeup kit because they hold just the right amount of product for a single application, especially for your toner or cleanser. They are also hygienic, making it easy for you to control the cleanliness of items you use on your face. Another fun fact: they can be way cheaper if you buy them in bulk. Now, the idea of buying in bulk may not be new to you, but rarely do people apply the principle on skincare. And that’s where you’re losing money. These pads don’t expire and as long as you store them properly, you can use them anytime you want. Why not have those savings from things you’re sure to use?

You don’t need to buy a thousand random products to feel content with your skincare routine. Just make sure you’re buying the right products every time, so that no matter your budget, it’s achieving great things for your skin.

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