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  • 8 Latest Trends in Interior Design Kenya

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The New Year has already arrived, and so have the latest trends in Interior Design Kenya. Interior designing refers to giving a makeover to the place you live in or where you work. Interior design is meant for increasing the quality of living. With the right combination of color, décor, and furniture and many other aspects, an interior designer can fetch positive vibes for you.


Interior design is a special branch of art in which the whole room is the canvas of an artist. However, the trend in this field changes with time.

Some of the latest trends in Interior Design Kenya that are appreciated by people are:

1. Geometric Patterns:

geometric patternsn

Geometric Patterns

Items of regular shapes like square, triangle, and hexagon are already being used for various interior designing purposes such as a square book rack, triangular lamplight, and many more. But their demand is currently on the rise in 2018. Geometric patterns are also used for area rugs, wallpapers too.

2. Farmhouse Style:

farmhouse style

Farmhouse Style

People these days are inclined towards vintage look more often. Collecting antiques for décor is no new thing, and recently, giving the living room a farmhouse style look is a trend. Brilliant interior designers are making this possible by using floor plans, rustic element, and other design materials. Items like wooden countertops, shiplap, and subway tiles are also used by many for achieving the same.

3. Wood & Natural Elements:

wood and natural elements

Wood & Natural Elements

Use of wood and natural elements for interior design is liked by many due to its unparalleled capability of creating positive vibes for the owners. And the advantage of wooden elements is that within a short period of time they can achieve an antique look. Wooden elements also fit for farmhouse style, so by opting for it, owners will be availing two styles at once. This trend is getting hyped over smaller to larger trends like wood countertops.

4. Vivid and Tender Colors:

vivid and tender colors

Vivid & Tender Colors

According to psychology, colors have a great effect on people’s mind. Vivid and bright colors are said to enhance the creative potential of an individual. Many interior designers forecasted that the year 2018 would be the year for bright colors for decoration purposes. Bright yellows, red, orange is expected to hit the rise of demand in clients. Clients can also ask for a traditional look in their walls. Bright colors also go with accessories. They are being recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms as well.

5. Metallic Furnishing:

metallic furnishings

Metallic Furnishings

There are two sides of every coin. If one side of the coin termed as the trends in the interior design of 2018 is wooden items, then the other side is metallic furnishing. Metallic furnishing using bronze, silver, and gold is getting popular by each passing day. They are mainly implemented more in home décor items and accessories.

6. Texture Emphasis:

texture emphasis

Texture Emphasis

Elements with various textures imprinted on them are always a high-end décor material for interior design. Blankets, curtains, and many more items are the simplest ways to include them in the design of the rooms. Not only fabric materials, but also cement and wallpaper items are also getting hype in this category.

7. Concrete Surfaces:

concrete surfaces

Concrete Surfaces

Concrete surfaces were not considered as a decorative entity earlier. They were even covered with plywood in the past. But nowadays, they are evolving as a famous trend. Concrete countertops are giving tough competition to wooden countertops.

8. Wabi Sabi:

wabi sabi

Wabi Sabi

This is not a popular trend among the people who have OCD. But those who can embrace the imperfections, this is really getting famous among them. Wabi Sabi is a Japanese term, which is used for the practice of recognizing imperfections. In this interior design, category items are arranged casually. It is popular due to its relaxed style of decoration.

Wooden floorings are popular all the time among the clients. But maintaining the same could be costly if the installation was not made properly. That is why excellent and experienced personnel from Interior Design Kenya should be appointed for the job. Otherwise, it may cost extra money after the installation. The eight trends mentioned above are currently on the rise.

Some of the previously popular trends that are not in demand now are:

  • Terracotta
  • Pastel pink
  • Mason jars
  • Plaid patterns
  • And many more …

These trends were popular in the past, but people have changed their taste with time. For the moment, these eight trends mentioned above are liked by most people worldwide. But which one to select is up to the clients’ own taste. Some may go for geometric patterns, or some may go for open floor plan. Interior designers of Interior Design Kenya have a wide range of expertise in providing the right type of interior décor based on the clients’ requirements.

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