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Though Hockey is India’s national game, then why Cricket is getting more priority than Hockey? Why it is being observed that news channels stress more on broadcasting news on cricket, why not on hockey? Is it right to give such less contemplation to our national game?

Below are three major facts why Cricket is gaining importance over Hockey:

  • All of you are well aware with the fact that when you have money in your pocket, people come running to you. This is exactly what happening with Cricket. BCCI is the India’s prosperous cricket club, and at the same time several reputed brands like Puma, Nike and Adidas sponsor the game.
  • Media wants some tadka in their news to make lump sum money. They play major role to make the game popular. It is human nature that we see only what is shown to us. If media would have given same preference to other sports, then there are chances that other games like hockey can also come in spotlight.
  • Government is also not taking any major steps to bring up hockey as a major game. The biggest reason for the same is insufficient funds and irregular monitoring.

Well, if asked some Indians about what they envision about National Sport of India, the answer will definitely be Cricket. But the truth is that national Sport of India actually should be Field Hockey. To bring our national game in spotlight the hockey team only deserves a litter better treatment and slightly higher praise than cricket – And you could see what our National Hockey Team can achieve.

Have you ever asked question to yourself, do we gratify both games equally in India and are we addicted for our national game? We Indians do get angry on the slightest insult to our national flag, national anthem, then why not have same respect for our national game?  The purpose of writing this blog is not to say that Indians don’t respect the country, but the intention is to deliver message to every Indians heart that we actually are not caring about our national game.

Pedigree of Hockey Success

Hockey was played in India before the Cricket was and became India’s national game in 1928. The game was first time played in Olympics where Indians won the gold medal. Since then, until 1980, India dominated the sport winning 8 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medal in Olympics. The glory of the game was recorded by beating USA with margin of 24-1 goals. But 1980 was the decline of hockey and publicized the rise of cricket as a popular sport.


Hence, summarizing the above content, Hockey is being neglected by us and is not as popular as cricket is. The sponsors and the businessmen play major role in influencing the people’s mind, both in terms of liking and disliking the game. Most of the hockey matches go unnoticed by the people and at the same time, media even do not give importance to the game. Newspapers reserve the top space for the cricket but the news about hockey will be lying somewhere at the bottom. Even the achievement done by the hockey team gets unrecognized unlike cricket.

If it continues in same pace, it is predicted that our future generation would study about our traditional game only in their history books and hockey sticks may find its place in museums. So we have to preserve the dignity of nationality in this sport and stride ourselves in making it national in true sense. The sponsors and media have to give equal importance to this game, whereas, the government and hockey board should move ahead towards training the team more efficiently and making the game more popular.

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