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  • 7 Best Methods for Automating WordPress Tasks

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WordPress is one of the most user-friendly platforms available for web development. It’s beneficial features encourage many people to convert HTML site to WordPress or migrate from other platforms. In this article, we are discussing useful methods for automating WordPress tasks. Website owners need to carry out some essential activities to ensure their interface’s performance remains at optimum levels. All common website management tasks can be done manually but it will consume a lot of time. This can have a negative effect on the productivity of the interface. Automating these jobs will ensure that important matters are taken care of without needing any manual intervention. Plugins provide an easy way to extend the functionality of a WordPress interface. Users can find a plugin for most of the tasks mentioned below. Let’s take a look at them.

1. WordPress Installation And Website Updates

It is essential to keep the core installation updated to keep the interface secure and free from errors. The website theme also needs to be synchronized with the latest updates in order to work perfectly. There will be several plugins activated on the interface and their developers also release updates fixing bugs and other issues. Keeping track of updates can be a tedious job and owners can benefit from plugins created specifically for the purpose. These tools monitor the installation and website components for updates and download them automatically. Users can configure their settings to automate the process to get notified to perform the task themselves.

2. Complete Website Backup Creation

Creating the backup of the website is a mandatory task for all owners. A complete backup stored in a safe location will be helpful in restoring the interface in case of an issue. It is a vital security measure protecting the website content from hacking, bugs, or accidental deletion. Most dedicated WordPress hosting services create website backups but it will be better if an additional method is also used. There are many backup plugins which automate the process. Their settings can be configured to set a frequency for backup creation according to the amount of uploaded content.

3. Comprehensive Website Performance Monitoring

A website’s performance needs to be monitored constantly to ensure that it is easily accessible in the shortest possible time. Owners must know if their interface goes down or if it is taking too long to render in a browser. Moreover, it is important to measure the visibility of the interface in relevant search results. There are various online solutions as well as plugins which help monitor every aspect of a website. Users can get notified about downtime issues and access analytics report. This will be helpful in making necessary changes to enhance the performance of a website.

4. Scheduling Post Uploads

Content-heavy website owners and bloggers will find this suggestion about automating WordPress tasks especially beneficial. The open-source platform has the useful feature of scheduling posts. Users can create a post and set a schedule when they want it to go live on their website. Anyone who has used the text editor of the CMS will have seen the “Publish” button on the right-hand side. An option to set the date and time for publishing the content is present just above the tab. People who upload multiple posts regularly can also use plugins to auto-schedule them.

5. Cleaning Up The WordPress Database

The database of the core installation can become bloated after some time. This happens because a lot of old and unnecessary information gets stored in the database. This has a negative effect on the website speed. Owners must install plugins which clean up their databases and remove redundant data. They can set the frequency at which the cleanup must be performed and also select the elements to be cleaned. These tools delete spam, trash, and unwanted data besides optimizing the database to ensure high website speed.

6. Optimizing Images Before Uploading

The visual aspect of websites has become important and owners use images to increases the attractiveness of their interfaces. These images can bloat the website and affect its loading speed. It is essential to optimize pictures before uploading them. Instead of manually doing the job, plugins can be used to automate the task. Users can set a resolution to which an image will be converted before loading. These tools optimize the pictures without harming their quality.

7. Sharing On Social Media

Social media has emerged as a great avenue for promoting a business. Website owners constantly share their content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to attract more traffic. This task can be automated with the help of plugins. Users can choose their preferred networks and content will be automatically posted on them. The tools can be configured to modify the content according to the nature of the platform.


Automating WordPress tasks will help website owners in managing their interfaces in a much more efficient manner. This will save time which they can use to improve the performance of their website.

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