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  • Which is the Cheapest Website Builder for New Blogger?

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When you are a new blogger, a few things bother your mind and one of them is the price of a website making. As a beginner, you might not have enough money to spend on your website. In such cases, you might have been worried and wish to spend less money on it. Hence, I have planned to make your work a little easier, I will tell you how you can use the cheapest website builder for new bloggers.

I would expand you some more clarification on this then I would like you to read through the entire article and find out the details.


If I am asked to explain WordPress in a single sentence, I would say that it is the cheapest overall website builder and it has some great blogging features.

Some Key Features of WordPress

  • It has some of the readymade templates for a blogging
  • The performance analytics is inbuilt
  • There is a social media integration

WordPress Overview

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms, on which you can build a website easily. It is so popular that most of the website like almost 80%-90% of the websites are built using the WordPress overview. However, due to various reasons, is very widely used all across the world. As the CMS the WordPress lets you organize a lot more content than any other platform.

Using WordPress is really cheap, it can be used for as less as just $3/month on the blogger plan. This website is building a platform that would help website owners to make a better website. Most of the WordPress users have claimed that WordPress is very easy to use, since it is a basic blogging website, hence you need to look for the best way to use it.


This is a very fancy and nice to use kind of a platform, it is mainly taken by the small businesses, to advertise their services.

Some Key Features of Weebly

  • It has some easy drag and drops templates
  • Helpful SEO guides will be available online
  • App Centre offers some of the sophisticated tools which help in the installation

Weebly Overview

It is one of the most classic best website builders, it has 4 different types of pricing packs, it allows you to make anything from a single blog to a long website. Weebly also specializes in small websites, especially websites which are non-e-commerce. It is an online store, and it is constantly changing, moving evolving, etc. Weebly plans are very cheap and hence we recommend you take up those plans.


Most of us well aware of the GoDaddy platform which has been famous for the past so many years. This one is for the one who is time conscious and GoDaddy is very famous for everyone.

Some Key Features of GoDaddy

  • The SEO Wizard tool helps to optimize the website that you own
  • It has a streamlined designed process
  • The autosaved feature will keep the backup of the site

GoDaddy Overview

You must have heard of GoDaddy but I am very sure you have never used it probably, behind all of the sites. It offers everything in the fastest way like never before. Most famous entrepreneurs use the GoDaddy platform. The GoDaddy does not use the drag and drop option, there are some more to it, you get an assistant to do all of that. There is a design assistant who would help you get to know more features about the platform. GoDaddy also offers a free trial for a month and you can easily avail that to understand the usage of the platform in a better way. There’s also free SSL security and 24/7 support, should you get stuck with anything.

It is a simple kind of site making and it can be used for both personal and business purposes. It is actually great if you are in hurry, this kind of platform helps you to make everything easy and work easy.


This website is great for getting the real value, the websites that Strikingly provides gives you a better reason to survive.

Key Features of Strikingly

  • E-commerce options are on all paid plans
  • Check the SEO check list for all kind of guidance
  • It helps to reformat templates easily

Strikingly Overview

Strikingly is the best of the rest, it is one of the most wanted website builders. It is said to be good for most things but for great for a lot of things. The research testing is important for the website which is facilitated by the Strikingly. Strikingly supports to deal with 4 stars and strikingly helps to do everything easily. It has excellent plan with amazing values, and there is no need to bargain anything it is much considerate.

Like many other platforms, it is cheap and the services of this is available at just $8 and it offers more and better than any other platform. As the name suggests the platform gives you a decent amount of money back from your website as it looks so professional and you can easily use it for anything professional. It also offers a 24*7 kind of assistance which will help you to get the best output after spending the $8 on the website you want to make. Most of the professionals do use the snap dare looking forward to use it even more.

IM Creator

It is used to make a design-oriented e-commerce site. You cannot use any platform all of a sudden for designing your website.

Key Features of IM Creator

  • Image focused with designed template
  • There is also a cheap e-commerce option

IM Creator Overview

It uses all human hearts to give out the best possible result. If you need an image rich site then this is the best site for it. There is also an offer for free plan which starts at $8 only. It allows you to sell everything online and help you get the best result for it. There is an editor who will precisely take all your instructions and give your result accordingly.

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