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  • Ask Akash: How to Setup Google Analytics for A WordPress Website?

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Your website is the first step towards your visitors. In order to grab the attention of the people, you need to have a medium that not only provides information about your business but connects you with them. The website is surely that medium which bridges the gap between the customers and your business. Once your WordPress website gets live, the next big thing is to get the statistics or the data that can prove beneficial in framing the seo strategy.

But a question arises that how you will achieve this. If you too want to make maximum use of the data you will have to go for Google Analytics which is one of the most effective and apt service from Google. So before going deep into the topic, let us understand what actually Google Analytics is.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool or service from Google that helps you to track the traffic of your website, number of visitors coming to your website, for how much time they stay on your web pages, how they reach the site and lots more. With this information, the business owners are able to work on their seo plan and see a rise in the traffic, sales and ROI.

There is no denial to the fact that it is one of the highly successful tools of the recent time and reliable too. This is the reason that many of the business owners are solely dependent on it and find it very helpful in getting correct website data.

Why you should use Google Analytics?

No matter what kind of website you have but getting to know your visitors can make a lot of difference to its popularity, traffic and ROI. This is when Google Analytics can play a very crucial role in providing the information that makes a difference to your business. Here is the list of the information that you can grab from the Google Analytics.

  • Conversion – It tells you about the number of people who visited your website and got converted into customers.
  • Traffic source – It lets you know from where your visitors came to site, it can be through referrals, social media sites etc.
  • Bounce rate – This tells you about number of people who visited one of the pages of your site and then left it.
  • Session duration – This is the time duration for which the visitors coming to your website stayed on the website or any of its pages.
  • Sessions – The number of time a particular visitor came to your website or web page.
  • Pageviews – Number of people coming to your website.

Perry Greg emailed us asking

“How to setup Google Analytics for my WordPress website?”

So check out the answer below!

Getting started with Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics on your WordPress website is really simple if you follow the steps correctly. So here is the complete information about how to install and get started with Google Analytics on your own.

Create account

In the very first step you need to set up your account. For this you will need a Google Account. If you have one, you can use that to sign in.

Visit the link from where you can login to your account. Once you enter your account, you need to set up the analytics using the “Get Tracking ID”. With this ID you get a small codes which needs to be copied.

Now the next thing is to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website. This can either be done manually or you can even take the help of the plugins for the same.

1. How to do it manually?

  1. If you wish to set up analytics manually, just login to your WordPress site and go into the Editor section which is available in Appearance.
  2. Now search for Theme Header or header.php file. Use CTRL + F for the same.
  3. Look for the head section from where the code begins and paste the snippet which you had got through the Tacking ID. Update the file.

Leave your website open in one tab and switch to the tab where your Google Analytics is open. Check whether the code is inserted in the right way or not. If yes you will get something like this on the screen.


Receiving traffic in past 48 hours

Now leave your account for at least 48 hours and login again to get the data. You will find this in the Reporting section of your Google Analytics.

2. Set up via plugin

You can set up Google Analytics through the WordPress plugins as well. Now there are numerous plugins which you can use for the same depending on the features it has. So select the best and suitable plugin which you feel will provide the maximum amount of data and information.

Among the various WordPress plugins that you will come across, Monster Insight is the ideal of all. This is how you can do this.

  • Install the WordPress plugin which you wish to use.
  • Move to the Settings section present in the Analytics.
  • Your next step is to connect the plugin with Google Analytics. For this you need to authenticate and you are all set to use the plugin to get complete website data.
  • Another method which you can try is using the UA code and set up analytics manually.

After you have completed all the steps, your Google Analytics is installed and ready. But you won’t be able to use it instantly as it will take time to generate data. So wait for another 24 hours and then you will be able to get complete data which can definitely prove to be an asset for you.

So this was all about setting and installing the Google Analytics for your WordPress website.

For more information on Google Analytics or any queries related to it, you can get in touch with me or can share tips as well. Do give your feedback, share your reviews and ask any question you wish to.

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