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  • Amplify Business Values from Data Science with In-depth Business KPIs

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“Key Performance Indicators that do not support you in making the decisions are just metrics.”

With massive business strategies and humungous data to back your next business decision, it is time that you needed to work conscientiously on your key performance indicators. Machine Learning and data science is capable of transforming businesses by dwelling on core business insights. This evidently impacts the bottom line, leveraging higher returns.

Data is the spirit of organizations, and the data analytics team working with humungous data is faced with the challenge of delivering meaningful insights. Data teams are designated with the responsibility of collecting, analyzing, and reporting on data that is used to make business scale. Honestly, their role does not end there. It begins from there, instead!

This is where the Key Performance Indicators come into the play! By tracking the right KPIs, you can get a clear picture of how your data team is performing and identify areas of improvement. Touching the live wire with bare data metrics won’t help, unless your team or the organization is stocked with certified data science professionals, who can actually work magic into the data thus collected.

Inferring the best business decisions via targeted strategies into play, a data science professional is the leading force behind huge corporate successes. Not only that, they make the terms like Value realization easier to comprehend for the stakeholders and members of the collateral teams. This brings us to a vital revelation of the recent facts that data scientists’ jobs are predicted to experience a surge of 36% between 2021-2031, as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The score is enough to set the data science career trajectory right and flourishing for all data science aspirants!

Three core KPIs to monitor include:


It is the amount of value your client receives from implementing your offering.


It is the time it takes to implement your offering after the client signs the contract.


It is the time it takes your client to receive value from implementing your offering.

You have to believe that, “What gets measured, gets managed.” Assessing the value right from the very beginning is found to be at the nucleus of the gamut play.

The top KPIs to be looked at by your data analytics team are listed below:

  • The number of insights generated per month
  • The number of decision-makers who use analytics regularly
  • The accuracy of predictions made by the analytics team
  • Speed at which the analytics team can generate results

The top KPIs for the data engineering team are:

  • The percentage of uptime for systems and data pipelines
  • The number of errors and incidents per month
  • The turnaround time for fixing errors and incidents
  • The success rate for automated production deployments
  • The number of new features or changes delivered per month

The top KPIs for the data science team:

  • The number of models developed per month
  • The accuracy of predictions made by data science models
  • The number of business problems solved by data science
  • The number of projects that are on schedule

The value realization procedure is just the beginning, once the initial value metrics are identified. It is an ongoing cycle, with the ends allowing regular result updation to suit your client’s demands.

value realization cycle

Value Realization Cycle

Value realization begets Lifetime consumers! To dwell from data insights to business-critical predictions, the business case must come first, before data science. Hiring the best data science talent, powered with credible data science certifications is the best thing the employers would look for. Assisting your clients understand the value they receive from your offerings is essential to keeping them as lifelong clients. If you do not want to struggle with piling data records, reframing business projects would be made easy in the form of big business insights.

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