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  • SEO 2021: What is Core Web Vitals, And How You Can Optimize Them

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Recently in May 2020, Google has announced the release of several metrics that can help your website. These metrics focus on areas of speed, visual stability, and responsiveness, mainly for your page. These changes that will come in the search console will incorporate the core web vitals to state how Google will measure your website’s performance as well as enhance it. Based on a six-month timeline, Google has provided the information, and these metrics will be monitored before using as a search ranking part. One can locate these metrics on the Google search console easily.

Optimizing your website for a good user experience is the key to long-term success on the internet. Whether you are a business owner, developer, or marketer, web vitals can help you enhance your website’s experience. They can also help you to identify opportunities to improve it.

Here we will discuss how you can optimize vital web metrics –

Core Web Vital Metrics importance?

Core web vital is an initiative taken by Google to offer unified guidance for the quality signals, which are important to delivering a good user experience. Google has offered various tools to report and measure the performance; some developers are very expert in using these tools, whereas others find both metrics and tools to keep up. Now Website owners are not required to be experts to understand the quality of the website they are delivering to the audience, and web vitals majorly aims to simplify the landscape and help the website on the metrics that matter the most for the website.

Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals are the set of web vital which is applied to all the web pages, it should be checked and measured by all the website owners moreover, and it should be surfaced across every Google tool. Every core web vital depicts a distinct face of the user experience, which is measurable, and it also reflects the actual experience.

This metric, which creates Core web vitals, is evolving. The current set of 2020 focuses on the three aspects; these metrics focus on responsiveness, visual stability, and page speed. These metrics are all set to be rolled out in 2021 into a core algorithm and will become the ranking signals. The SEO experts have a few months to implement these scores, and it will become a great focus once we move into 2021.

Page Speed

Before we go into the depth of core web vitals, it is very important to know how performance plays its role in ranking up till today.

Speed updates

The speed update affects the page, which delivers the experience to the users and only affects a small percentage of the queries. Updates were only focusing on the very slowest websites across the mobile results.

With the rise of the web, mobile-first indexing and a strong focus on UX are becoming inevitable. Our performance plays a vital role in moving forward in a business, where core web vitals come into the picture.

Core web vitals consist of majorly three metrics that are very different from each other. These three metrics are interactivity, loading, and visual stability.

  • Loading – LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)
  • Interactivity – FID (First Input Delay)
  • Visual stability – CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)

These core web vital metrics are quite important. Moreover, it is essential to understand what these measures stand for and how one can optimize these metrics.

Largest Contentful Paint(LCP)

LCP is a metric that measures the loading performance, and it also focuses on the elements which load on the initial viewport. It is essential to note that this metric is quite different from the first contentful paint ads. This metric majorly focuses on the first element, which gets loaded, not on the biggest element.

LCP measures the perceived load speed for the visitor. It is calculated by domInteractive DOM interactive, but now Google is looking at this interaction quite differently. Most of the things that impact this metric are video players, fold images, and many other components that take time to load a portion of the page they see and interact with. These metrics need to load quickly; therefore, Google wants to make sure that everything users see when they come to your website should be visible quickly. If your website has widgets or anything floating on the website, that can negatively impact the metrics.

  • To optimize your website, here are some of the points which need to be considered –
  • Subscription sign up bars
  • Floating newsletters or social media widgets
  • Social media icons
  • Login, newsletters, or widgets which majorly load in the visitors’ viewpoint
  • Videos and images which load above the fold
  • Author box which auto injects with the pictures

Cumulative Layout Shift(CLS)

CLS is a metric that is used to check the website loading time to measure visual stability. CLS measures page stability. This metric majorly aims at how often the website user experiences the layout shift. Its algorithm checks unexpected layouts when a web page is loaded. This means if you are trying to load a banner page, then an unexpected layout can harm your CLS score. The unexpected shift of page content majorly happens because of the resources which are loaded DOM or some asynchronous elements which get added to the page.

Things that can cause a higher CLS are –

  • Video or image with the unknown size
  • Front rendering
  • Third-party advertisements

The biggest issues with the website are it might work differently for the developers and users. Images and other components can be there in the browser cache, and API calls that run locally are so quick that the shifts are not noticeable.

A low CLS can ensure that the page is functioning properly for the users and their range is less than one second.

First Input Delay(FID)

FID refers to first delay input, which helps in measuring the time between when the users first interacted with your website, which means when they first clicked something on your website until the time when the browser was able to respond to the interaction. To get classified in the good range, a website owner should strive to have less than 100 milliseconds of FID. Here First Input Delay is considered for user experience as it can tell and reflect how quickly content is accessible in the request.

Suppose you have a WordPress website, the FID can increase results from your plug-in. If you have stuffed in your website “head” and it makes a lot of JavaScript calls, then your FID can slow down significantly. Speed optimization software or tools can impact FID.


Above all, creating a good website and a flawless user experience is a must. So, try not to focus on these metrics only but content also. But it is imperative to be familiar with these metrics to use a wide variety of data sources for measuring your core web vitals.

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