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  • What Features Will Optimize Your Website?

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Your website’s success will depend on your ability to learn how to optimize it for SEO and get the highest conversion rates possible. Your website is a tool, and you want that tool to be working as hard as it possibly can for you. Here are some features that can help optimize your website.

Use Tools for Analyzation and Audits

The first step in optimizing your website is to diagnose what changes it might need. To do this, you need to conduct an audit that gives you an overview of your site’s performance. You want your SEO team to evaluate your website. They should look at its aesthetics, navigation, and content. They should not overlook the backend SEO and how your website is laid out.

As you use tools for analyzing and auditing your website, it is good to compare what you are doing to what your competition is doing. Evaluate the features that they have implemented. When you have a clear picture of what your competition is doing, you will be able to create your own optimization strategy.

Don’t Forget Backend SEO

Backend SEO involves optimizing the HTML source code of your website. This includes things like headers, metadata, and the URL structure. Backend SEO can be complicated and requires coding. You want your website to be built on a platform that gives you the flexibility to do this.

For simplicity’s sake, some people have opted to build their website, especially an e-commerce website, on a platform like Wix. While there are a lot of upsides to using Wix, it does not give you the complete ability to edit your site as you would please. For that reason, some people have looked for alternative Wix website platforms that allow them to do some of that backend SEO. Because of the complexity of backend SEO, you may need to consult with an SEO expert to successfully implement this tactic.

Improve Content Quality

Content will always be king. You need high-quality link building to ensure that your site ranks well on search engines. Your content needs to be strong and SEO-driven. If you are going to turn out posts, make them reputable. You want other sites to link back to you. This way, you can increase your organic search rankings, attracting more visitors to your site.

Content marketing can be a tool that seems intimidating. It does require time for you to create a strategy. However, once you take the time to create a calendar that lays out what you are going to write every single week, you can more easily keep up with what you need to publish.

Optimize for Mobile First

Back in 2018, Google started to roll out its mobile-first index. As a result, you want to make your site adaptive so that it works on any device. You need to scale your images if you are using a responsive design so that it works well for mobile users.

Optimizing for mobile means including short meta titles. Shorter meta titles are easier to read on mobile devices. Stay away from pop-ups that can block content for mobile users. Keep your paragraphs shorter, and put the most important information towards the top of the page.

The way people read on mobile is different. You have to entice them to read more by putting something interesting in the first paragraph. Utilize white space to attract readers to certain points of the page, and use bullet points or lists to get across complex ideas. Also, use simpler words, that way it is easier for people to understand the content.

When it comes to mobile, less is typically more. Longform content does not mean you are going to get better rankings. From the content creation to the design of the site, everything should revolve around the mobile experience.

Use Technical SEO Tools

There are several technical SEO tools available. This makes doing an SEO audit easy. The key to optimizing your site is understanding how to interpret the data you get and then knowing what to do with the data you have interpreted.

Check for broken links and fix them. Broken links destroy the user experience and drive people away. Use Google Search Console to submit your XML site map to Google. Fix duplicate tags. Get rid of duplicate meta descriptions.

Use Google Analytics to check the traffic stats. If you have content that is not working, prune it from your website. Use Google Search Console to check your site indexing. If there are any issues discovered, understand why the issues exist and then fix them.


Your website speaks for you and your business. You want it to be helping you put your best foot forward. Using the right optimization tools and writing content correctly can help make this happen.

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