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  • How Great Website Design Can Help With Mobile Optimization?

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In 2018, search engine Google introduced a new Mobile-First Indexing Policy that shook the digital ecosystem. Google pointed out that 70% of all its searches were now being made from smartphones.

From being touted as gimmicky and unnecessarily expensive, mobile phones have not become second nature to human beings. In an age driven increasingly by smartphones, internet connectivity, and digital transformations, brands need to focus on this core area.

While creating a business, brand or eCommerce is a given basic, optimizing it for mobile phones is something that ensures performance and success.

In this article, we are going to look at some ways how great website design can help a website become mobile-friendly.

List of 5 Ways how Great Website design can help with Mobile Optimization

1. Creating a Responsive Website –

According to leading mobile development experts, a responsive design can help with mobile optimization. In very simple a responsive design is when a single design template adjusts itself to different screen sizes in smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Most people tend to forget that responsiveness does not only concern itself with screen sizes. It also takes into account the different platforms and operating systems. If the design is not responsive, it will come across differently in different mobile screens and operating systems.

2. Integrating Large Buttons and Font Sizes –

Your web design needs to take into consideration the fact that the size of a mobile phone screen is drastically smaller than that of laptops and desktops. At the end of the day, you would want all the functionality to be present on the mobile version of your website.

This means placing large enough buttons that users will be able to click if they feel the need to do the same. It also means that the size of the text font should be large enough for everyone to read easily. Shrinking down the font size at par with the design is not suggested by experts.

3. Follow a Simple and Clean Design Logic –

Yes, the size of the phone screen is small. However, that does not mean that you will compromise on the design front when it comes to the mobile experience. Most experts are unanimous in stating that a simple and clean design works best for the mobile interface.

Care should be taken to ensure that the desktop design and the mobile design are as close as possible. If that is not the case, users, as well as search engines, will be quick to take note of the same. In such instances, you will lose credibility and ranking from users and search engines respectively.

4. Avoid using Flash on your Website Design –

While most website designers know that using flash is something that is outdated, there is still reason to believe that the older sites are continuing with them. There are a number of reasons why using flash is a grave SEO mistake. In addition, it can slow down a website’s loading speed.

You need to be aware of the fact that in 2021, Android or iOS both do not support flash! Using flash just for the website version means that anyone accessing the website from their mobile phones will not be able to enjoy the same experience.

5. Test, Test, and more Mobile Testing –

The best designers always keep testing their mobile versions on different smartphones and resolutions. You need to understand that optimizations are not something that is a one-time affair. In fact, it needs to be tested at regular intervals.

This is because every small change in one area might have had an impact somewhere else on the website. At the end of the day, you do not want your users to experience a part of the website that is not properly optimized in terms of design and performance.

The Bottom Line

If Google says that of all its searches, 70% are being done online, you can imagine that the same is true for your business as well. With Voice Search and other add-ons becoming such an important part of our lives, having a website design that is mobile-optimized is a marketing necessity of our times. If you wish to know anything else on the topic, drop your queries in the comments below.

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