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  • 4 Core Reasons Why You Are Losing Organic Searches in 2019

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Creating a website does not mean that you would be able to run it successfully. A website is rated as successful if it has visitors and generates business. Spending money on building a website that does not have traffic is nothing but putting money to waste. Even websites with the finest technical features are unable to survive for a long time because they have lack of traffic. The biggest sign of a successful website is that the bounce rate is low, and the rate of traffic is consistent. In other words, successful websites have a high rate of organic searches. People search for these websites using search engines, social media and other alternatives. If people are not searching for your website, it means that the rate of organic searches is low.

There are numerous reasons why your website is going down in terms of organic searches. Four of them are listed as follows.

1. Low standard content with grammatical issues

As a website owner, you should know which factors hold are most important for visitors. People may be impressed with an advanced interface, but this component is not as important as the quality of content published. You need to take your time for content preparation whether it is writing a blog, web page or any other form of text. Do not ignore grammatical issues as they can leave a permanent bad impression. Let us go through an example.

  • Consider that you visit a popular website and go through the first line of the home page. The line is “We deals in best services all time”. It is quite apparent that the content has several grammatical issues. In addition to that, the home page is the first source of interaction between the website interface and the user. If this page has grammatically incorrect content, users would not bother visiting the remaining pages. They would simply click the close button and move ahead.
  • With any professional website, you can be absolutely sure that there would be no grammatical issues. The teams of these websites have expert content editors who examine each line before the content is published.

2. Issues with the tracking code of the website

Issues with the tracking code of the website may also result in reduced organic searches. This does happen when changes are made to the website. This is when the tracking code loses its stability to some extent. To avoid this problem, keep a proper check on the changes to your website and the tracking code condition. This is one of the prime reasons due to which organic searches reduce.

3. Each page indexed with low quality content

It is a fact that every web page has to be indexed properly if it has to appear on Google. Getting indexed by no means provides the assurance that the website would get a high count or organic searches. A high number or organic searches can be attained by publishing top notch content. There is no substitute for quality content and Google gives immense importance to quality of content.

  • To get a clear feel of how important content quality is, go through the content standard of top ranked websites. What kind of information has been published? What is the calibre of produced content? You need to understand that a website gets organic searches on the basis of how good the content is. Even though, Google bots search locate new web pages and the ones with changes so that they can be indexed but to get more organic searches, other things matter. You cannot compromise the quality of content at any stage if you want people to search for your website regularly. Websites with low standard content are only able to get a high bounce rate and number of organic searches is not high.
  • In a nutshell, it can be said that indexing of a website is important so that all the pages can be stored in the Google database. The rank of a website obviously depends on the liking that people have for the website. All the websites that appear on the Google search list are indexed but all of them do not get high SEO ranks. Only websites with top ranks are able to attain constant increased number of organic searches. Professional websites have expert content developers who work day in and day out to come up with top notch content. This is the prime reason why people are always attracted.

4. All the pages of the website are not indexed

It is a common fact that a website comprises of several pages. A lot of people do not know that for people to view a website completely, all the pages have to be indexed. For example, consider that a brand dealing in water bottles is not getting enough traffic on its website. Consider that the page of products is not indexed, and it is expected to get the maximum traffic. If it is not indexed, it would not be visible to the targeted customers. Hence, when people would not see a web page, they would not be able to visit it as well. This would bring down the organic searches. Even if you witness that the organic searches are falling, taking timely action is the key. A website can easily acquire a high SEO rank again if it figures out the reason of the problem and executes a solution in a timely manner.

  • The best way to check the indexed pages is using Google Search Console. This is a top notch tool which identifies all the pages of the website that have been indexed. If organic searches are dropping, using this tool should be your first move. As it is said, it is always important to get to the cause of reduced organic searches. If you are able to determine the reason, it would not be that hard to get an increase again.

  • At times, websites undergo an end to end migration. This is when new pages are created to replace the old ones. However, if you are replacing the web pages, you have to get them indexed. This is because, when web pages are replaced, they lose their indexing as well. Hence, if you have revamped a website in recent times and lesser people are searching for it, it may be because all the new pages have not been indexed in a proper manner. People would only view pages of a website that have been indexed by Google bots.
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