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  • Will Google Search Generative Experience Hurt Organic Traffic?

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You’ve probably heard the buzz about AI-generated content and how it may impact search engine optimization. As artificial intelligence systems get more innovative and more advanced, they can generate reams of content at a scale far beyond human capabilities. This explosion of machine-created content has many in the SEO industry wondering how it might influence organic search traffic and rankings.

Will an influx of AI-generated pages, posts, and products dilute the search results and make ranking harder? Let’s explore it in this blog.

How Is Google Using AI For Search?

Google has been using artificial intelligence for search in some significant ways recently. They aim to offer the most relatable results for searchers.

They’re doing this by understanding the context and intent behind your searches. Google’s AI analyzes your search terms and considers your location and previous searches to determine what information you’re probably looking for. So if you search for “apple,” Google knows whether you mean the tech company or the fruit.

Also, Google is experimenting with entirely AI-generated content for some types of searches. For example, if you search for a simple question like “How long does it take to boil an egg,” Google may provide a step-by-step set of instructions at the top of the page created by an AI.

While AI-Powered Search Generative Experience could impact organic search traffic to websites in the short term, producing high-quality, in-depth content is still the best way to rank well in Google and get organic traffic.

Will AI-Generated Content Hurt Organic Rankings?

A lot of people are worried that AI-generated content will hurt their organic search traffic and rankings. After all, if Google can create content on its own, what’s the point of ranking human-created content? The truth is AI content generation is unlikely to impact organic rankings in the near future.

First, Google aims to provide searchers with the most relevant and helpful results. Google’s AI cannot replicate the depth and nuance of content created by subject matter experts. Human-created content that offers real value will still rank well.

AI also struggles with creating fully coherent, compelling long-form content. The types of in-depth blog posts, guides, and resources currently rank well and require human creativity, storytelling, and an overarching narrative flow that AI still needs to achieve.

The bottom line is that while AI-Generated Result is an exciting new technology, human-created content is still the lifeblood of the web. By providing high-quality, in-depth resources, you can ensure your content ranks well now and in the future. AI is here to enhance human content creation, not replace it.

The Impact Of BERT And Other AI Models On Search

Google’s AI models, like BERT, are getting smarter and better at understanding language and the intent behind search queries. As these models continue to improve, they may start to impact organic search traffic and rankings.

How BERT work?

BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is Google’s AI model that helps understand the context and relationships between words in a search query. When you search for something, BERT helps determine the most relevant results by analyzing the intent and context behind your search terms.

The Potential Impact On Organic Traffic

With improved AI and natural language processing, Google can understand search queries better and provide the most valuable results. This means that websites and content that do not match the intent behind a search query may start to rank lower or drop out of the search results altogether.

If your content is not relevant or helpful for the search queries that currently drive traffic to your site, you may see a drop in organic search traffic over time. The key is to ensure you fully understand the intent behind the searches that bring visitors to your site and provide content that genuinely helps and informs those visitors.

The future of search is AI-driven, with models like BERT at the helm. While this progress may bring some initial fluctuations in search traffic, focusing on user intent and high-quality, helpful content is the best way to build sustainable organic growth.


So, while AI-generated content may seem like an easy shortcut, it likely won’t provide the results you’re after. Nothing can replace high-quality, well-researched content created by real people who understand your business and audience.

Google’s algorithms are sophisticated but still value expertise, depth, and the human touch. If you want to build authority and rank well in search results, work to craft content that provides real value. Don’t rely on bots and algorithms alone. Keep optimizing your content, stay on top of trends, and give your readers content that teaches, inspires, and moves them. Digital Marketing Services are the best option to gain traffic and loyal fans in the long run.

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