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  • 5 of the Most Common Causes of Distracted Driving Accidents

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Car accidents due to distracted drivers are becoming increasingly common as people attempt to multitask while behind the wheel. Safe driving requires both hands on the steering wheel and eyes focused on the road and surrounding areas. Distracted driving can lead to serious or fatal road accidents. Here are five of the most common causes of distracted driving.


Many people eat while driving as they rush from one appointment to the next. Some just enjoy drive-through food and prefer to eat it hot instead of pulling over to park or taking it home. Most types of food can be crumbly, sticky, or drippy as well as easy to spill. Cleaning up these messes as quickly as possible to avoid burns or clothing stains can pull drivers’ attention away from the road and can lead to serious accidents.

Phone Use

Using a mobile phone when driving is not a good idea. Texting is a nightmare as drivers key in or dictate messages swiftly back and forth with recipients. Often their attention is more focused on what they’re typing or on incoming messages than on the road and drivers around them. Even talking on the phone can be a problem. Conversations require thought that detracts from driving focus, and emotional dialogue can disrupt the driver’s concentration. You can lose the connection when going through a dead zone, which requires redialing.

Drivers who connect their phone through the car’s Bluetooth still can easily become distracted, even if their devices are now considered “hands free.” It’s best to leave any calls or texts for after you’ve reached your destination, if possible.


Anyone in the car talking to the driver or doing distracting activities, especially young kids, may divert the driver’s attention momentarily, which is long enough to cause an accident. Passengers should avoid doing anything to distract the driver. If you have small children, explain to them the danger in yelling or distracting the driver.

Car Adjustments

Any type of car adjustments while the car is moving can cause problems. Seat adjustments, radio tuning, CD insertion, and checking the glovebox all take the driver’s eyes off the road in potentially dangerous ways.

Grooming and Cosmetics

Some drivers style their hair, apply cosmetics, or adjust a tie while behind the wheel. Looking into the rearview mirror for lipstick smears or to check your teeth can lead to a collision. Grooming and hygiene should be done either at home or when the car is parked.

If your vehicle is in a road accident, you will be asked about distractions. If you feel you have been victimized by a driver who was not paying full attention talk to a car accident lawyer. A car accident attorney can explain state traffic laws to help you decide how to respond in either case.

Driving should be taken seriously, and you should always give it your full attention. Paying attention to obstacles on the road, safety signs, traffic lights, and the drivers around you can help prevent serious accidents. Eliminate distractions in your vehicle to keep everyone safe.

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