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Hitting the road or running on a treadmill could be the best workout for weight loss for people struggling with weight. Indeed, running is a great exercise for both men and women. It makes the joints flexible and helps the mind to relax. Besides, it is a full-body workout for weight loss that will enable the body to burn unnecessary fat and shed off unwanted weight.

Of course, there are many styles of running or workout for weight loss options you may need to choose from. Each style has its uniqueness in terms of helping one lose weight. This post delves into the most appropriate running styles that could help you achieve your workout for weight loss goal.

Base Runs

Base run is the best workout for weight loss which entails covering short and moderate distances. It is one of the ideal workout routines for weight loss. One could spare some time to run 6-10 kilometers per day. You could cover this distance at your normal pace or choose to do it at a faster pace depending on your level of fitness. If you have time, this workout for weight loss works if you can run 3 to four times per week. But if time is a problem, running two times per week could help your body burn excess fat.

Long-Distance Running

Long distance running entails covering a distance of between 15 and 20 km. You could do this at the same pace or at an enhanced speed to help you burn fat. Also, it is the workout for weight loss that helps to enhance endurance and will improve the body’s overall fitness. If this is the first time you are running, it may not be easy to cover 15 km. So you may need to start by covering a few kilometers each day.

Later, you may need to increase the distance you cover with time until you can run for 15 kilometers. Running two times per week is enough to help the body burn excess calories.

Running On a Treadmill – The Best Workout for Weight Loss

Running a distance of 1 mile on a treadmill allows the body to burn 33 calories compared to walking the same distance. Therefore, if you cannot run outdoors, spend some time on a treadmill since it is the best workout for weight loss.

Interval Runs

They are short but repeated runs that are good workout for weight loss that helps the body burn calories. Interval should be intensive to help the body burn more calories. To succeed using interval runs as one of the workout plans for weight loss, you must remain consistent. It would help if you run repeatedly, albeit the breaks you are likely to take. Interval run remains the best workout for weight loss that is likely to enhance your speed and power. With time, you will find it easier to cover longer distances in one run. It helps the body burn excess fat and keeps your mind in the right frame.

Hill Repeats

It is the best workout for quick weight loss. It entails covering short distances just as it is done in the interval runs. The only difference is that you will be running uphill. This type of workout for weight loss helps to improve your speed and stamina.

Also, it is an ideal workout for anyone who wants to improve their running power in any workout for weight loss plan. The best way to use this best workout for weight loss is to cover a shorter distance and gradually increase it. It helps to enhance endurance and give the muscles the energy they need to cover longer distances.

Recovery Runs

They are slow runs that you may want to employ as a workout for weight loss after repeated uphill runs. The run is a good workout for weight loss since it adds more distance to the kilometers covered and helps the body to burn more fats. For instance, after an intensive uphill run, you may take four more minutes running on a flat surface at a comfortable pace. It helps the body to adjust to this type of workout for weight loss and makes your mind think straight.

Progression Runs

Progression Runs is an ideal workout for quick weight loss since it allows you to start slow and increase your speed as you progress. It helps to build endurance, burn fat, and reduce fatigue. If the distance to be covered is 10 kilometers it can be a good workout for weight loss. You may start by running at 8 km per hour in the fast 2 kilometers.

Thereafter, you will need to increase your speed to 10 km per hour in the next 4 kilometers and run at 12 km per hour in the last 4 kilometers. It helps the body to get used to running, and you will feel less fatigued. Progressive runs burn more calories. It entails combining running and exercises. The exercises you choose include any gym workout plan for weight loss beginners. This workout for weight loss burns calories and prepares the body to convert fat into energy when you hit the road. To get good results, start with exercises and finish with another set of exercises. You may also need to pick on any workout for weight loss that uses many muscles.


Running is the best workout for weight loss and could help to keep your mind in the right frame. It does not require expensive equipment and could be done at any time. Just ensure that you spare a few minutes to warm up and 30 minutes of running after eating pre-workout snacks for weight loss 3-4 days a week.

Feel free to suggest any workout for weight loss plans that could enhance your strategy.

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