5 common seo mistakes
  • What Are The Top Mistakes Every Website Makes That Sabotages Its SEO

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Your website mistakes might be sabotaging your marketing strategy. These mistakes are common, but they can be lethal for a site’s function and performance. SEO is not a one-time investment. It is an ongoing process that website developers and owners need to follow. The optimization of a site will determine its performance and profits.

Without a site audit, you cannot create an effective SEO strategy. While you can hire professionals to do the work for you, many websites now rely on complete software solutions to do the same. Visit audit Site improve to learn more about comprehensive site audits.

Here are the top five mistakes almost every new and old website makes –

i. No clear CTA

Call-to-action (CTA) are integral parts of any content. It is a part of the regular content audit, but without it, it is impossible to find the sole cause of a high bounce time and low conversion rate. If you want your target audience to visit your store and make purchases, then it is time for you to reconsider your CTA placements. Even a non-e-commerce site should have clear CTAs like “click here to subscribe” or “enter email address for the weekly newsletters” to build an email marketing list.

ii. Losing the meaning of content in jargon

You cannot focus on jargons or keywords entirely. Thanks to the evolution of Google algorithm, now the search engine bots are capable of identifying synonymous keywords and long-tail contextual phrases from long-form content. If your page heat map is unimpressive or your page bounce rate is significantly high, you should go ahead and run a content audit. During a content audit, you should find the irrelevant content and replace it with value-adding material that target users want to read.

iii. Page duplication after migration to HTTPS

The HTTPS migration of sites may have resulted in duplication of pages. Without 301 redirects, it is impossible to prevent the unintentional duplication of your site. The presence of such duplications can elicit penalties from search engines. Crawling your site regularly and performing daily audits can help you avoid this kind of duplicate content on your domain.

iv. Weak internal architecture and poor linking

The organization of content on a website influences a lot more than the visual appeal of a site. It determines the entire journey of a user and his or her experience. A weak internal architecture of a site can reduce the user experience (UX) and render excellent content worthless. Auditing a site can highlight the dead links and poor architectural elements of a website. You can strategize your entire SEO campaign depending on the results you obtain from your link audits.

v. Not paying enough attention to meta descriptions and title tags

Adding high-volume keywords and stuffing your content with links is no longer enough to ensure optimum performance of a website. SEO takes effort and time. The most common mistake people make while optimizing a site for Google is ignoring its meta descriptions and SEO title tags. Running an SEO audit can shed light on the missing elements and give you the chance to make up for the lack of optimization.

Performing a complete site audit can take a couple of hours and hiring professionals to do the same can cost quite a bit, but it is an investment that pays off in the long run. It has the power to highlight the mistakes almost every website makes that takes a toll on its performance and optimization.

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