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Capoten is under the group of medication which is well known as ACE inhibitors. It is captopril as a generic name. It is indicated for treating hypertension. It is used to treat high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and diabetic nephropathy – a kidney problem caused by diabetes. Whenever a person has experienced a heart attack, this drug could be used to improve the patient’s survival. It relaxes blood vessels and makes the heart to pump efficiently.

This medicine is under multiple brand names. Others may be in several different forms. In the following content, it will talk more with how you will deal upon using this product since this can be applied to various health conditions. So the following topics which will be discussed should be noted.

How to use Capoten as medication?

Always remember that the dose of captopril drug depends on your health condition. It would be highly suggested if you have consulted your doctor before taking this medication. However, if you need abrupt medical attention, these guidelines may help you.

Whenever a person uses this as a treatment for high blood pressure, the standard starting dose is 25 mg orally twice or thrice per day. After one or two weeks, the doctor may increase your dosage depending on the side effects it can affect you. The maximum dose of captopril is 450 mg per day which is divided by taking three equally separated doses. In controlling the blood pressure, it will not take more than 50 mg three times a day.

Whenever a person uses this as a treatment for heart failure, the same as with high blood pressure dosage, the starting dose is 25mg which is taken two or three times a day orally. By one or two weeks of using this, the doctor may increase the treatment which will depend on the side effects it will affect you, at the same time, on how well does the medication work for you. The maximum dose of captopril daily is 450 mg which is divided by three doses. If a person using this has heart failure, it does not go above 50mg to 100mg every day.

Whenever a person is a survivor of a heart attack, unlike the other two, the starting recommended dose is 12.5 mg which will be taken three times a day. As days go by, it will gradually increase to the daily dose of 50mg which will be made three times a day.

Whenever a person uses this as a treatment for kidney disease caused by diabetes, the starting and the recommended dose is 25mg per day. If this dose cannot effectively lower the blood pressure, other intervention of medication will be added to captopril. This medicine should be taken by the patient 1 hour before meals.

Who should not take this drug?

Since the drug is highly recommended to people with certain health conditions, these people should not take this in any circumstance.

  1. People who are allergic to captopril or any of the ingredient that this drug contains.
  2. People who are pregnant.
  3. People who experienced a severe allergic reaction that affects around the face, throat, and tongue.
  4. People who have diabetes or kidney disease.
  5. People who are taking aliskiren.

What are the possible side effects if this medication will be applied?

It is common to every drug to have its unwanted response from the body of the taker. However, the following not serious side effects become severe and not usual, immediately consult and ask your doctor. These are the list of common side effects of the drug.

  • It will change your sense of taste.
  • You may have a cough but dry.
  • It will decrease your ability or interest in sexual activity.
  • You will likely have diarrhea.
  • It will make your mouth dry.
  • It will cause your headache.
  • You will have trouble sleeping.
  • You may feel unusual tiredness.
  • You will vomit.
  • You will lose your appetite.
  • You will likely experience flushing.


It is better that even if the doctor is ready to educate users with the medicine, you are talking; you will still get to know the information by yourself. Getting this as your medication will surely take a lot of your savings. To help your money sustain and maintain your medication, avail the promo of discounts as offered. If you want to grab and secure the discounted drug from Pharma Quotes, get a Capoten Coupon.

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