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The sensation of spinning where a person experiences a twirl of giant wheels and feels whether he is spinning, or the surroundings are spinning all by itself is known as vertigo. It is a common condition diagnosed in a large percentage of the population due to a number of possible causes starting from BPPV, Meniere’s disease, vestibular neuritis, Labyrinthitis, and so on. The right Vertigo medicines help in easing the condition by reducing the intensity of vertigo bouts thereby giving relief from spinning sensations and the other following symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and sweating as well. After thoroughly diagnosing the condition, an expert neurologist will prescribe the right dose of vertigo medications depending upon the symptoms and the underlying vertigo cause to treat acute vertigo attacks. Some vertigo medicines only suppress the vertigo symptoms rather than escalating them completely whereas some are used to manage the intensity of vertigo bouts.

Vertin tablets, Meclizine tablets, Stemetil tablets, and Stugeron Forte tablets are the most common and top-selling vertigo medicines that are generally prescribed by doctors to treat vertigo conditions. Apart from it, Benzodiazepines, Dimenhydrinate, Metoclopramide, Prochlorperazine, Promethazine, Ondansetron, Piracetam, Scopolamine are some of the other vertigo medicines that help in treating the condition once the underlying cause of vertigo is diagnosed.

Acute vertigo spells are well managed by certain vertigo medicine prescribed by doctors, but these medicines do come with a set of certain side effects like headaches, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, motion sickness, confusion, and so on. Your doctor will give a brief of certain side effects while prescribing vertigo medicines and will guide you to follow certain precautions while taking a course of certain medications.

A dose of three days is generally recommended by doctors if symptoms do not seem to ease after a three days course, it is advised to seek the doctor immediately instead of continuing vertigo medications for a prolonged period.

Let’s have a detailed insight into some of the most common vertigo medicines that are generally prescribed by doctors that causes dizziness in patients:

1. Stugeron Forte Tablet

Stugeron Forte is an effective drug to treat sudden bouts of vertigo spells. Stugeron Forte Tablet is generally prescribed by doctors to treat acute vertigo conditions caused due to migraines. It is quite effective in treating vertigo spins, motion sickness, and migraines. Before suggesting Stugeron Forte Tablet to alleviate the spinning sensations, your doctor will examine the condition closely.

The tablet composite of a Cinnarizine as the main component that helps in easing various symptoms like motion sickness and migraines that are responsible for causing repeated episodes of vertigo. Cinnarizine is readily available under various brands like Cinn, cinzan, cintigo, etc. Stugeron Forte Tablet does have certain downsides like dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and other abdominal symptoms. It is advised not to continue the drug for extended periods if symptoms are not easing after a course of medication as it may lead to fatigue, weight gain, depression, etc. A person suffering from liver or kidney disorders or is in her pregnancy or lactation phase, in such cases, Stugeron Forte Tablet is not recommended. Doctors generally advise taking Stugeron Forte Tablet solely to show effective results as its effect gets reduced when taken with other vertigo medicines.

2. Stemetil Tablet

Stemetil tablet composite of a Prochlorperazine Maleate drug that helps in treating recurring episodes of vertigo, dizziness, imbalance disorders, motion sickness, uneasiness, nausea, and so on. Prochlorperazine Maleate is available under various other brand names apart from Stemetil. Volimin, Ametil, Prochlorperazine, Buccastem, Prochlozine, Bukatel, Antinaus, Novamin, Acuvert, Nausetil, Vometil, Vergon, etc. are some of the other medications with Prochlorperazine Maleate drug in it. Doctors generally do not recommend Stemetil Tablet under certain health conditions, so it becomes necessary for doctors to seek your complete medical history before suggesting the drug to treat your vertigo conditions. Respiratory problems, kidney disorders, thyroid disorders, liver disorder, cardiac condition, pregnancy, jaundice, glaucoma, epilepsy, etc. are some of the common conditions that do not allow doctors to prescribe a Stemetil tablet to treat vertigo bouts. Stemetil Tablet causes sedative effects in patients and a person may start feeling dizzy, sleepy, experience a blurred vision and becomes unattentive. Apart from it, Stemetil Tablet shows its downsides by making your skin photosensitive. Your doctor will suggest you with the right mg depending on the severity of your condition. Stemetil tablets are readily available in the form of tablets, syrups, injections, etc.

3. Vertin Tablet

Betahistine drug is used in the composition of Vertin tablet which helps in maintaining proper circulation in the inner ear and is available under several brands name in the market like Betavert, B-stil, Vertin, Betahist, Vertistar, Hiserk, Betaserc, Serc, Vergo, etc.

Vertin tablet is one of the most commonly prescribed and the best selling vertigo medicine to treat vertigo dizziness caused due to Meniere’s disease. It helps in managing the sudden occurrence of vertigo spells and other vertigo symptoms as well. Vertin tablets are quite effective in reducing the frequency of vertigo spins caused due to Meniere’s disease and helps in treating the condition effectively by managing fluid build up in the inner ear. It helps in managing other symptoms like ringing sensation, hearing loss, repeated episodes of dizziness as well. Vertin does come with certain downsides but as compared to other suppressants it makes the person feel less dizzy during the course of medication. Apart from it, Vertin may cause certain allergies, tingling, and numbness, shortness of breath, and an increase in acidity due to high histamine levels. While prescribing Vertin tablet, your neurologist will brief you with the certain downsides that come along and would advise you to take certain precautions while taking a 3-day course of medicine. Vertin tablets are readily available in the market in various strengths or mg, your doctor will prescribe the right mg depending on the severity of the condition after seeking your complete medical history.

4. Meclizine Tablet

Meclizine Tablet is quite effective in controlling acute vertigo spells and other symptoms associated with it. Before suggesting Meclizine Tablet for vertigo and imbalance issues your doctor will diagnose your condition completely. Meclizine is readily available in the market under various brand names such as Meni -D, Meclozine, Antivert, Bonine, Dramamine, VertiCalm, Meclicot, Medivert, D-Vert, Driminate II, etc. Meclizine tablet is the only vertigo medication that helps in easing vertigo conditions experienced by a pregnant woman. It is advised to seek a doctor before medicating on self. Meclizine Tablet does come with certain side effects like drowsiness, dry mouth, blurred vision, headache, vomiting, confusion, reduced cognitive ability, fatigue, hypotension, skin Rashes, etc. your doctor will advise you for precautions while taking a course of medication. Under certain medical conditions like respiratory disorders, cardiovascular problems, glaucoma, gastrointestinal disorder, urinary disorder, or enlarged prostate, kidney, or liver disorder doctors generally do not prefer to prescribe Meclizine Tablet.

Vertigo medications help in easing vertigo bouts and other associated symptoms that come along but show dizziness and other downsides as well. It is advised not to self-medicate and do not continue the medication for a prolonged period after the compilation of course prescribed by an expert neurologist.

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