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  • Alopecia Areata? Signs, Treatments and its Results

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Alopecia areata is a hair condition that affects different parts of the skin, like the head, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc., in both males and females across the universe. When it occurs, it makes the hair fall in small patches that you cannot see when you are not keen. After some time, the patches become bigger so that everyone can see if the affected area is visible.

Scientists say that the body’s immune system destroys the hair follicles before growing, thus making the hair not succeed, and that’s why they refer to alopecia areata as autoimmune. In some people, the hair loss condition might stop after one year without any solution, but the hair does not grow as it was previously, while in others, the doctors must treat it for it to end.

There are various types of alopecia areata such as alopecia Universalis, ophiasis alopecia, alopecia totalis, etc. Each class has different signs and treatments, and they make people suffer in different ways.

The doctors also suggest that many people who suffer from diseases like arthritis, diabetes, anemia, etc., are so prompt to experience alopecia areata. This article will discuss the signs, treatment, and results of alopecia.

Signs of Alopecia areata

Hair loss

People mainly experience the falling of hair in small patches that leaves a bald spot on the affected area. One might notice the hair thinning when taking a shower or in bed while sleeping days after the destruction of the hair follicles by the immune system. The hair differs in different people, i.e., some people may experience hair loss in low quantity while others are in high amount leaving the patches.

Itching of the scalp

In some cases, people may have an itching scalp due to the failure of enzymes that stimulates the growth of hair follicles. The itchy scalp leads to extensive hair loss leaving spots on the scalp. While it is a common sign of alopecia, it doesn’t occur in all people. Meaning some people may experience it while others may not.


Anxiety is a common sign of alopecia that many people have noted. The weak immune system that weakens the hair follicles makes people nervous and tired. It is also common in children who are above three years old.

Changes in the nails

This occurs mainly in children but can also be seen in adults. Both toenails and fingernails may become rough, lose shine, have to pinpoint like dents, and split. This occurs days after the alopecia attack and can last for some time when the treatment is not done.

Growth of white hair

Different people experience the growth of white hair. They say that the white hair grows on the bald spots left after the loss of hair.

Growth of exclamation hairs

Exclamation hairs are short narrow hairs in the body parts. When one suffers from alopecia, the thin short hairs are likely to grow around the bald spot. This is a good sign of alopecia areata.

Treatment for Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is a condition that cannot be fully cured or prevented. This is because the natural alopecia causes are still not clear. The doctors say that it can come from diseases related to the skin or immune systems like arthritis or diabetes. They also suggest that alopecia areata may be inherited,i.e., you might get it from a family member or relative who has it.

Although the cure is not yet found, various treatments can be an excellent solution to this condition when used consistently. The treatments can be classified into different groups depending on the symptoms of this condition.

Natural / home treatments

Some people suggest that alopecia areata can be treated using home remedies. The use of coconut oil, olive oil, onion juice, or even honey which is rubbed on the scalp, is said to stimulate the growth of hair follicles though it is not yet approved as an effective treatment method.

Steroid injection

Steroids are drugs that help treat inflammatory diseases by lowering the immune system activities in the body. When you inject it on the area affected by alopecia, it helps the new hair grow and develop into healthy, thick coats. The injection process should be done every one or two months for it to be effective.

Use of medications

There are specific medications that can help grow new hair or stop hair falling when you apply them to the scalp. For example, the use of Corticosteroid, minoxidil, and anthralin is a good suggestion for treating alopecia areata. You use the medicines as per the doctor’s prescription for you to obtain good results.

Use of phototherapy

Phototherapy involves the radiation process that uses a bit of light and psoralens. It is sometimes called light therapy because the light must be applied. One should consult only an experienced doctor to perform the therapy.

Oral medications

Oral medications such as cyclosporine and cortisone tablets can help cover the immune system and prevent the hair follicle’s damage. One should consult the doctor before using them because of the side effects they bring.

Result of alopecia areata

The result of alopecia areata differs in different people.

It result to alopecia universalis

Alopecia Universalis is where the hair is lost from the scalp. It is common in many people who suffer from alopecia areata.

Inability of hair to grow

While some people experience new hair growth after the treatment, others claim that their hair does not grow entirely after suffering from alopecia areata.


People should have proper self-care and avoid things that might lead to alopecia areata. If you haven’t any knowledge about alopecia, you should consult your doctor to guide and explain to you what alopecia is and avoid it for you to be safe.

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