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The entire world is waging a war against an invisible virus that has claimed the lives of many innocent individuals. The impact is so intense that it is impossible to live in a delusional reality and ignore the harm it has been causing. The outbreak of the virus has affected almost all the sections of our society and is also the major reason behind the depleting economy.

As we remain trapped within the four walls, it is mandatory that we pay extra attention to the future. Every day we get up and try to let the destructive reality sink in our daily transformational routine. From a laborer to a politician, everyone has been subjected to the adverse effects of COVID-19.

But to stand still is against the law of nature, so we must thrive and work with what we have. Thankfully technology isn’t bound by the treats of infectious disease. When we combine technology with healthcare, we move a step closer to a pandora of opportunities and developments. The introduction of technology in healthcare would help our frontline fighters to win the battle against an invisible enemy like COVID-19. So, let us look into the future of healthcare and the possibilities that technology offers.

Future of Healthcare

As we move closer to complete digitalization, we can witness the future of healthcare shaping in front of our own eyes. Impeccable growth is possible if we work hand in hand with trending technologies. For that we need to be aware of the techs that have the required capability to initiate the healthcare transformation. So, without any further ado let us look into some of them.

1. Virtual Reality

This tech is changing the lives of patients as well as physicians. It is possible that in future the patients while taking the treatment on the hospital bed can travel to Ireland or the nearest park. This tech is being used to train healthcare students to perform and practice surgeries. Some of the companies are currently providing programs based on this tech for better training, and they are displaying promising results.

According to a study, the medical students that are trained with virtual reality portray a 200% boost in their performance. This is definitely giving a tough challenge to traditional training. The former also displayed utmost perfection in performing surgical procedures and at a much greater speed.

2. Wearables/ Trackers/ Sensors

The future of healthcare is dependent on the empowerment of the patients/ individuals who are taking care of themselves through technologies. Health trackers, sensors, and wearables are helping a huge chunk of the population to keep a close check on their health and keep it regulated. They help the masses to have control over themselves and also to develop a better understanding of one’s body.

From monitoring sleep to workout, these devices help a lot. They convert the patients into point-of-care. This technology helps in –

  • Maintaining the stress level
  • Improve cognitive capabilities
  • Achieve fitness and gain energy
  • Manage weight

This promising technology allows the patients to take care of themselves at home and share the collected data with the remote physician. Not only they help individuals to make informed decisions, but they also empower them to take control of their health.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI possesses the capability to redesign the entire healthcare system. With the creation of effective AI algorithms for this sector, we can –

  • Create better medicine
  • Identify medical records of patients
  • Design treatment plans based on an individual

Companies are also using supercomputers to find therapies from a dense database of molecular structures. One specific institute has also developed a technology based on AI that is used for breast cancer analysis. If AI broadens its horizons for the betterment of humanity, then early use of this tech can result in immaculate discoveries.

4. Robotics

It is hands down one of the most emerging technologies. Take a look at their wide-ranging capabilities in this field –

  • Robot companions
  • Surgical robots
  • Pharma-bots
  • Disinfectant robots

Bots provide great help to medical workers in multiple ways. From lifting senior patients to helping the ones with the spine injury, robotics is a boon to the healthcare industry. They also play a psychological role in eradicating the loneliness.

This tech is setting out great examples in treating children with chronic illness and tackling mental health issues. With the help of microphones, touch sensors, and cameras they interact smoothly with their owners. They provide great help to their owners by –

  • Keeping a check on their temperature
  • Monitoring their medications
  • Checking breathing rate
  • Entertaining them with stories and music

5. Augmented reality

Yes, virtual reality and augmented reality are cousins. But don’t mistake them to be exactly the same.

Augmented reality does not allow users to lose touch with the real environment. It just puts the information insight. These abilities allow medical students to prepare for operations. At present, some university students use the HoloAnatomy app to study anatomy. As the app provides them proper details and accuracy, there is no need for a real body.


These are the different technologies that are helping in accelerating the healthcare transformation. We need to pay more attention to the latest developments in this field in order to control the tech for the betterment of humankind. If we desire to stay relevant in the coming years, healthcare providers must work hand in hand with the emerging technologies.

Once we work in this direction with an open mind, we would be able to prepare the changing world with gargantuan knowledge. Tech has the potential to change unsustainable healthcare systems into sustainable ones. It would be interesting to witness what all it has in store for us, but until then, stay hooked to this space for more exciting updates about the world.

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