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  • US Healthcare Would Receive $150 Billion By 2026 With AI Applications!

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The invincible power of Artificial intelligence’s (AI) is reverberating across several industries, and its use is growing at a faster pace. Though, the healthcare industry has a huge impact and promises to truly change human life. This technology has found significant space in every stream of this industry. From drug development to clinical research, hospital care to insurance, the applications associated with artificial intelligence are transforming the health sector and working to reduce spending and enhance patient care.

The stats are growing every sector as total private and public sector investment in healthcare AI is stunning. As per the reports, the investment in AI would reach $6.6 billion by 2021. And! this will be more staggering. According to Accenture, top AI applications saving can reach up to $150 billion by the year 2026. This all indicates the faster-paced adoption of AI technology in healthcare industry.

Let’s take a glance at its utilization in healthcare.

The Rise Of AI Era In Healthcare Industry

AI integration is expanding largely in the healthcare industry. This technology is being added to healthcare solutions in various ways. Here take a look over the ways AI is being integrated into the healthcare.

AI In Medical Imaging

The most appreciated and trendiest way of AI integration in healthcare is the sunrise of artificial intelligence in medical imaging.

This will enhance the diagnosis by improving the accuracy of medical imaging. Besides, it will also ease down the professionalization of treatment planning and transmitting results. With this, the productivity of the radiology community will enhance. Not just this but it will also improve the chances to attain profitability by reducing the expected wait time.

Today, some people in medical imaging community look toward AI as a threat. Though, demand for artificial intelligence is growing in the radiologist community.

The Involvement Of AI In Healthcare Communication

The communication is the key to effective treatment in healthcare industry. Be it is patient-doctor communication or communication between different healthcare organs, the problems always find their ways to disturb the course.

These communication problems can be addressed by AI easily, and in 2019-2020 it is expected that we will see this development. AI kits have been launched in the market and surely developers will soon create medical apps to monitor and communicate with patients.

Mayo Clinic and some other healthcare centers have already adopted AI in communication with patients, that makes appointment scheduling enabled with doctors. Altogether, apps for doctor-patient communication are also available. By the time, the use of AI in healthcare communication.

There are many other zones of investment for AI in healthcare. Here are those:

Digitization: Utilization of AI or other digital tools to reduce the operational processes’ cost.

Engagement: Enhancing patients and consumers interact with healthcare service providers, systems and more.

Diagnostics: Creation of new products and services that utilizes AI algorithms to offer diagnoses or health advice to patients.

Apart from all of these, the AI integration is increasing in many ways. From the patient’s treatment to collection symptoms from the human body through sensors, AI can revolutionize this industry.

The Road Ahead For AI Adoption

While the potential benefits of AI applications are evident and pouring huge funding into this space, numerous challenges are being rose to widespread implementation and adoption of these tools.

Most importantly, healthcare providers will have to trust the algorithm to utilize them. While many will be skeptical about AI adoption, a number of them would be verifying its outcomes. Besides, the reluctance of patient’s side would be the major aspect. As per Accenture’s survey, a majority of patients have shown this reluctance with the uncertainties over how AI works.

Though, the implementation will prove their reliability. As application development sector is more inspired and driven to deploy AI into healthcare. Besides, mobile app development companies like Techugo are also exploring its use cases in various verticals and healthcare aspects. If you are a healthcare provider, investing in such integration by securing an AI-based end-to-end solution can be largely fruitful in upcoming years. To know more about this, and AI integration in other industries, stay tuned with us.

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