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  • 5 Contacts to Have on Hand in Case of a Home Emergency

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  • Published Date: January 25, 2021
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As a homeowner, you will face an emergency that you cannot fix on your own. It may be a rare problem like replacing a broken sink or shower that is over 20 years old. Even so, it’s still necessary that you have 5 or more contact numbers for professionals who will handle your home emergencies. It is completely possible that such emergencies will not occur. However, being prepared provides peace of mind and quick solutions in case of disaster. Here are 5 examples of the contacts you should save.


During a lightning storm, all kinds of electrical problems occur from blackouts to power surges. An electrician is called in to fix household problems, such as repairing the circuit breaker, rewiring light fixtures or replacing electrical outlets. While some problems can be solved by the city, if you are the only house on your block experiencing issues, you might need more specialized help. If the problem is confined to a specific room, the problem might be with wiring that would be difficult to repair on your own. Keep a number on hand so that if an electrical problem arises, you’ll be prepared.

HVAC Repairman

Having access to HVAC repair providers is necessary during the hottest and coldest days of the year. HVAC emergencies vary widely from gas leaks to blocked air ducts and total system breakdowns. You need professionals to perform repairs, installations and maintenance tasks that cannot be handled on your own. They will tell you when to replace old, worn-down HVAC equipment and install new models before the next season starts. Outside of emergency repairs, it can be effective to get regular inspections on your HVAC system. Prevention is always better than repair.

Appliance Repairmen

A home emergency may involve a valuable appliance that breaks down, causing a leak that leads to a flood or a spark that creates a fire. Have the contacts for one or more home repair providers that specialize in refrigerator, sink or washer and dryer repair. Even if a breakdown does not cause a more drastic problem, being without an important appliance can be a major inconvenience. Be sure to keep track of how your appliances are running. Getting regular maintenance can also prevent future emergencies.

Pest Control

Pests commonly invade old homes that have cracks in the walls and floors, but they also invade new homes with many openings. Pests are always on the move and small enough to hide in tiny crevices, so a professional is needed to penetrate these areas. Contact an emergency provider if you discover a large infestation that has caused severe structural damage or is threatening to overtake major parts of your home. At the first sign of pests, it is a good idea to take preventative measures or even call a professional ahead of time.

Water Damage Restoration Companies

One type of home disaster is a flood that needs to be cleaned up right away. If not, the water could touch the wires connected to your appliances and cause power outages. Some homes are prone to flooding that occurs at least once a year after storms hit. In addition to removing water, water damage restoration providers clean water damages like mold and mildew growth. Call a professional as soon as there are problems and start to remove objects that might be affected by the flood.

Hiring professional services provides several benefits over trying to deal with it or turn it into another do-it-yourself project. Most of your home repairs get worse and rarely improve on their own over time. Instead of worsening the damage, have numerous contacts for emergency professional resources near you. A little knowledge and some extra preparation can help in many situations.

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