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  • How Can You Help Your Aging Parents When They Live Alone?

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One of the most difficult things adult children can do is allow their parents to live on their own. However, sometimes the decision is made by the parents themselves. Wanting to live an independent life, they would rather live alone than become a burden on their adult children. In other cases, they may simply want to have some alone time and are confident in their ability to take care of themselves. No matter the reason, children are often still concerned. Therefore, the following includes a few ways you can help aging parents when they live alone.

Recruit Home Health Services

Senior citizens are often much more likely to visit their doctor than young adults. That means that they constantly have to make their way to their local clinic or hospital for appointments. This, of course, can be very difficult for an aging parent and may even become a burden to children who provide the rides. That is why so many opt-in for home healthcare. These types of companies offer a plethora of services ranging from nutritional education to more hands-on work such as cleaning out wounds and replacing feeding tubes.

Set Up Emergency Plans

When an elderly family member is living alone, it’s important to make sure they have resources for when they have an emergency. First, make a list of emergency numbers they can call for things such as a ride to the hospital, a ride home from places, concerns about health, and of course someone to be with them should they simply need the company. You should also give them an emergency alert device to press should they fall or become stuck. Many elderly people benefit from a low-maintenance service dog to live with them, as such dogs are able to help out with certain activities around the home and run for help when necessary.

You should also speak with the neighbors around where your parent lives, especially if you are not able to check in regularly yourself. Make sure they have friends and that someone is visiting at least every other day to make sure they are safe, healthy, and getting the social interaction that is so crucial to their mental health. These people can also serve as other emergency contacts, as they are closer and therefore more able to respond quickly to your parent’s need for help.

Upgrade Their Home

If your aging parents have mobility issues, their home can be a potential threat to them. That is why the next suggestion on this list includes upgrading your parent’s home. Let’s take the home bathroom as an example. The bathroom can be extremely dangerous, and thus upgrading certain items within it is highly recommended. For example, things such as tubs should be replaced in favor of a walk-in shower. In addition, the toilet should have supported on each side, so they are able to get up. Other places to focus on are the entrance of the home as well as the kitchen area, to name a few.

Implement Security Features

Unfortunately, most thieves will target homes that are occupied by the elderly. The reason for that is because they know they won’t be able to fight back. That is why implementing or upgrading their current security features is critical to their safety. Adding motion sensor lights, alarms, and security cameras are just a few things that could help them be safe at night.

If you’re worried about your aging parents living alone, you’re not alone. Many families go through the same thing you are going through. However, by implementing the suggestions listed above, you may be able to provide them with a safer life as well as gifting yourself peace of mind that they are going to be safe.

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