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  • Top 4 Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Non-Woven Bags

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For generations, bulk bags have been the most important means for agricultural professionals to transport and store dry goods. Printing bulk bags have a major impact on the quality of work. Polypropylene non-woven bags with cotton edges are called non-woven boxes. These soft and lightweight suitcases are attractive and are popular with shoppers and modern environments because they can be synthesized and have attractive colors and patterns. These beautiful, environmentally friendly non woven bags at Claytons Australia are durable and are the main choice of today’s retailers, wholesalers, and large manufacturers.

What is a polypropylene non-woven bag?

First of all, you can understand what a polypropylene suitcase is. These luggage pieces are tapes or foils made of polypropylene fibers, which are thermally bonded, automatically bonded or chemically bonded to each other. These are flat plates that can be made from a single fiber.

For this type of luggage, one of the main factors you should roughly recognize is that they are no longer woven or collectively woven, and the fibers no longer want to become yarns to make durable products. This fabric is considered a wonderful non-woven fabric that is completely recyclable and can be made into the company’s promotional items at one time.

Nonwoven luggage can be marked with company logo, logo information, and five years of experience so that it can be used repeatedly. Let’s try the five advantages of using beautiful and environmentally friendly fleece luggage:

You can use multiple cartons:

Cartons are one of the alternatives to plastic suitcases. Compared with paper suitcases, shopping suitcases made of wool can be recycled because they will not break after repeated use. Also harmful to the environment is the paper suitcase, which requires additional sockets to make it.


Companies provide various types of non woven bags at Claytons Australia. With the incredible variety of colors and styles on the market, they will help you elevate your style. You can choose a variety of styles, including tailoring, box shape, ring handle, sequins, etc.

The non-woven gift bag is the perfect medium for shopping. It consists of wool with a silkscreen printed on the front of the bag. All varieties are characterized by competitive prices, elegant design, and high-quality craftsmanship. Gift bags are available in different designs, sizes, and colors. You can choose the color of the bag according to the color of the items you want to carry with you.


Compared with ordinary shopping bags, non-woven bags are durable and can be used for up to 5 years. These bags can be reused and reused hundreds of times and can be purchased with more loads than normal. These bags are waterproof, beautiful, and recyclable. These bags will not tear, tear or fray like paper or plastic bags. This means that the rating of fleece bags is significantly higher than other peers.

Helps to reduce toxic waste:

Because paper bags and non woven bags at Claytons Australia are environmentally friendly, they will not leave any toxic waste, which poses a significant burden on our entire environment. Global warming, air, and water pollution are just some of the negative effects of the production and use of plastic bags. The plastics to be considered are not biodegradable, which will not only suffocate the environment but also cause irreparable damage to the ocean and marine life.


There is no doubt that both woven bags and non-woven bags play an important role in eliminating plastic bags. Both types have several advantages, but their reusability is the most prominent. Whenever you need it, you can easily use what you already have. Customizability is also an advantage. You can have these bags in different colors and styles according to your preferences.

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