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  • 5 Tips on How to Become a Better Recycler

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In this fast-paced, hyper-consumeristic society, people have become pretty good at the one thing that has always been required of them since humans existed: constant recycling. To ensure that you’re doing a good job and not wasting resources. However, it’s important to keep track of exactly how much waste you create and what can be recycled. Here are some strategies to help you be a better recycler.

Why It’s Important

Many things are accomplished when you recycle. To begin with, you’re ensuring that fewer items are thrown out and end up in landfills, rivers, or even oceans. You’ll also be helping to keep wildlife safe, as there have been countless cases of animals being wounded or even dying as a result of becoming entangled in or digesting plastic. Because less energy is consumed throughout the recycling process, there are significant energy savings. Finally, you are assisting in the creation of jobs, as the recycling business in the United States employs over 700,000 people.

Don’t Put Anything in the Trash That’s Still Recyclable

You might be surprised how many things belong in the recycling bin rather than the trash. The easiest way to find out is to look at your city’s recycling guidelines A few common recyclables that all people should recycle include aluminum cans, paper, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, and copper. Copper recycling is a little more complicated, but you can find out if it’s accepted in your area by asking your city.

Place Loose Garbage in a Bag Before Putting it Into the Trash

If you’re not careful, you can forget about the stray banana peel or empty pizza box sitting on top of your trash pile. Make it part of your routine to line up your garbage and put it in a bag before throwing it into the trash to keep track of all recyclables and avoid accidentally throwing them away with your normal kitchen garbage.

Reduce the Amount of Junk Mail

Get on some mailing lists so that companies can’t just send you circulars and ads without your permission, and unsubscribe from as many catalogs as possible.

Do Not Recycle Used Batteries

Even if they’re still working, it’s best to dispose of them in the trash rather than recycling them. Old household batteries might not seem dangerous, but even a small amount can cause a lot of damage to the environment once they get into landfills and start corroding. Instead, use rechargeable batteries and dispose of them properly when they die.

Do Not Recycle Things That Are Still Being Manufactured Or Are In Stores

Your local trash collectors won’t be able to recycle a product that they can still sell or purchase a new version. Before recycling your next breakable, non-perishable item, ask yourself if you need it, and then try to donate it rather than recycling it.

The good news is that recycling is far easier than most people assume. For example, many establishments feature recycling boxes where you may leave your old bags on your next shopping trip if you wish to recycle plastic bags you buy at grocery stores and elsewhere. Many communities in the United States provide curbside recycling pickup, with households receiving recycling cans that resemble normal trash cans. Finally, recycling stations may be found all over cities, mainly near shopping malls or other areas where people congregate.

Conclusively, to be a better recycler, you need to know what can and cannot be recycled and how to reuse things around your house. By implementing just one of these ideas into your life, you’ll save money and help ensure that the earth will continue to be a prosperous place for generations to come.

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