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  • 4 Kinds of Projects That Require a Dumpster Service

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There are times when a garbage can or a couple of trash bags simply will not work for the amount or type of trash you have to get rid of. Instead of trying to haul all of this garbage in a personal vehicle to your local dump or hoarding it away in a garage or shed, consider renting a dumpster that can be dropped off and picked up from your home, business, or work site at your convenience. Many people find using a dumpster service far more convenient rather than the risk of getting backed up by the amount of trash or waste they have to get rid of, and below are four examples of ways they can be utilized. These are four projects that are among the most common ones that produce massive amounts of the bulky waste and definitely benefit from having a larger receptacle to get rid of it all.

Home or Business Renovation

One of the most obvious times to rent a dumpster is during a renovation or remodel. Having a dumpster on hand can prove invaluable for things such as single-room remodels, full home or business remodels, and even pre-cleaning sessions before a remodel begins. With many renovations, you will trash bulky objects, such as old cabinets and plumbing fixtures, that would otherwise be unable to be removed from your property. This is also likely to be the best receptacle for any carpet, drywall, or plaster that gets ripped out and removed in the process.

Moving or Downsizing

Moving your house or business often produces loads of garbage as you go through closets, drawers, desks, and other storage spaces to get rid of unwanted items. This is on top of the general waste generated from the packing process itself and the time it takes to move out, as certain day-to-day operations can’t halt even during a move, whether it’s in an office or a home. Overall, there’s a chance you can be dealing with a lot of trash.

A dumpster is especially vital if you plan on trashing larger items, such as furniture, non-working appliances, or electronics you don’t want or need anymore. Similarly, a dumpster service, something like FCC Environmental Services, is equally helpful if you are planning on staying in the same city but wish to downsize to a smaller home or apartment.


Having a new roof put on your home or business creates a large amount of refuse, including shingles, flashing, trim, and underlayment, along with the packaging materials for the replacement roof. Although roofing materials may not initially seem to take up much space, your opinion will change once you see how much material comes off a single roof. Having a dumpster nearby to throw everything into will give you plenty of space for this garbage and will even make it easy to throw unwanted items off the roof directly into the trash.

Major Landscaping

While many dumpsters are not to be used for dirt, plants, or similar outdoor materials, having a dumpster around and ready can still make your next outdoor landscaping project easier. Consider renting a dumpster if you plan on taking down things like old or rotting fencing, getting rid of rusted outdoor furniture, or removing old landscaping fabric or edging. Spring is a perfect time of year for this type of work, and the perfect season for breathing new life into an outdoor area that severely needs it.

Whether you own or rent a residential or business property, renting from a dumpster service can help you make short work of projects that create large amounts of garbage and debris. Depending on the size of your job, you can choose from several sizes of dumpsters that will be dropped off at your property for your convenience, meaning no project is too big or too small. This kind of investment into your projects will allow you to store your trash easily outside the building until you are ready to have it taken away, giving you more room and time to focus on what you’re doing rather than stepping around things that need to be thrown away.

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