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Branding represents how different audiences perceive a company, brand, service, or product. It is the result of the identity conveyed by the brand, which includes its history, its culture, its strategic objectives; its positioning, its competition, its values, its communication, etc.

The brand image of a company constitutes a benchmark because it helps to convey a coherent visual identity: slogan, design of a website, logotype, product brand, graphic design, creation of a name, from which the consumer will be guided in his choices. And above all, it conveys a promise because it suggests that the organization, product, or service has unique potential and particularities. Get wholesale custom packaging boxes for your business from SM Custom Packaging.

Three Brand Image Levels Exist

The desired image:

It is how the company wishes to be perceived by its targets, resulting from a positioning decision. The more the brand identity is legitimate, credible, and understood by all stakeholders (internal, service providers, customers, suppliers, etc.), the closer it will be to the perceived image.

The perceived image:

It is the reflection of the messages disseminated to the general public by intermediaries, relays, etc. It is not easy to control because they can interpret it in different ways. For example, they can convey a positive image of the company or just the opposite, or even distort the information.

The true image:

This is the image that we think we have towards our customers and partners. She is halfway between the other 2.

In a brand strategy, the objective of an organization to communicate with its brand image comes down to reducing the gaps and limiting the dissonances between the perceived visual image and the desired image while remaining faithful to the actual image. Therefore, it is the fundamental and strategic pillar of the company’s communication axis.

Mastering this communication strategy is essential to enhance its involvement, positioning, commitment, personality, and representation. But above all, to attract new prospects, build customer loyalty, and unite a project and shared values.

Any damage to the brand image is reputational risk, detrimental to its credibility and the trust its customers place in it. The customer relationship is an essential value if we want to retain customers and not lose them to the benefit of competitors.

How Important Is Branding For An Organization?

This branding is a decisive factor that determines product sales. It is essential in a digital strategy because it accumulates beliefs and views on this particular brand. Its image represents the character and value of the brand, so it serves to reinforce the brand identity. The brand image is the mirror through which the critical values of the company are reflected through a new graphic charter, for example.

Today, digital is an essential tool for building your brand image.

Community management, for example, is a way of communicating as close as possible to its customers. Therefore, social media is the ideal pillar to create involvement of its readers through a community and to have a good e-reputation or promote a featured product.

Communicating on social networks is not easy and perhaps a double-edged sword. They can make a brand emerge like destroying an image in just a few hours.

However, if the company establishes a coherent digital strategy, this will be a real lever to assert its positioning and develop its brand image.

  • The choice of one or more social networks is essential. The company will convey a different image depending on the choice of the network (s) and the voice on them.
  • It is then necessary to define under which name the company wishes to position its brand or service: parent brand, umbrella brand, environment, institutional.
  • To go even further, a company can choose to communicate on several axes by exploiting the strengths of each network. Example: personal branding on LinkedIn, institutional communication on Twitter, environmental communication on Facebook, and product communication on Instagram.

To communicate with a qualified target, increase your traffic or improve your notoriety… call on influencers!

These modern-day opinion leaders are now an integral part of marketing strategies and allow a brand to reach potential customers that it could not have had through more traditional channels (press, TV, radio, etc.).

These new web stars who are invading and mastering social networks are ambassadors who already enjoy excellent notoriety. Therefore, they can promote the brand through an already established and attentive community.

For many, commitment to an influencer is better than a brand because an influencer is trustworthy: he will highlight products that he likes and has already tested. This makes it easier for users to test a product if it is featured by an influencer they follow and like than by the brand directly.

Do you want to make yourself known, build a solid and creative brand image, enhance your image, create a visual identity, improve your image and create your graphic identity through your graphic elements, your packaging, your logos, or even your website? Then, do not wait any longer to position your brand, stand out and differentiate yourself in a competitive market.

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