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One of the many questions that I have been asked so far is why does Islam make hijab mandatory for women? But, the truth is that Islam has introduced hijab as part of the graciousness and modesty in interaction between members of the opposite sex.

We women have always asked to cover our hairs… Well, why is this done? But, probably 1 out of 99 may give the right answer. So, when Muslims themselves don’t know why they wear scarf, then, how can we expect non Muslims to understand? We put this on because Scarfs or hijabs are the act of truthfulness so that we want everyone to know that we are Muslim woman. To identify ourselves as being Muslims that we would be recognized. This says that what stands before you is a woman of enormous truth, integrity. This woman will not lie, will not cheat. She will be the best employee, best friend, best advisor and best counselor. She is the woman whom you can trust. It’s a warning that what woman that stands in front you is a woman who knows you, so, don’t even try to play with her. Hijab gives a woman an Islamic attitude that lets people what to expect from her.

Allah, who has always been known as our Protector and is above all imperfections, has made wearing hijab mandatory upon women as a safety measure for them. However, it is extremely significant for all Muslim women to understand the significance of hijabs in Islam. But, there are women who come up with feeble excuses so as not to wear them. The first most common excuse is that “I am not at all convinced of the necessity of hijabs”. But, does she ever know that if she is convinced of Islam, then, how can she not be convinced about any one of its orders? If she believes in the divinity of Allah and the messages of the prophet (SAW), then it is extremely necessary to be convinced of the command about wearing Hijabs.

The second excuse is “It is very hot in my country and I can’t bear wearing it. How could I bear heat if I wear Hijab?” But, the answer to this question is very simple, and no matter how hot the earth is, it does not and cannot compare to the heat of Hell Fire.

Another frequent excuse given by women is “It is still not time for hijabs yet. I am still too young to wear it.” “I’ll wear it when I get older”. But, let me tell you that this is completely worst excuse that they usually make. We don’t even know what is going to happen with us in next moment, then, how, can one guarantee herself to take the order of Allah afterwards.

Let me give some major insights on importance of hijab:

• Hijab symbolizes that a woman has been blessed to one man only and is off-limit to all others.
• It contributes to the stability and perpetuation of marriage and family by preventing from any extra marital affairs.
• It compels men to focus on the real personality of woman and de-emphasizes her physical beauty, keeping her in control from strangers’ reaction.

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  1. Mohammed Aslam

    Nice to see this kind of writing on Hijab….I think today Hijab is a most irrelevant topic amongst the people arround modern fashion world. This is very common among us that reducing the sizes of clothes is a
    fashion…but fact is that think being a
    parents , teacher, elder one then u will find the importance of the Hijab…thanks to writer who dare to write over Hijab.

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