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  • The Surprising Truth About Beauty Products You’ve Ever Heard

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Do you enjoy using beauty products? Do you know where these beauty products came from? There are so many questions to ask when buying a certain beauty product. When did you first use a beauty product? When were you twelve? Is it when you are thirteen? If you will ask me, I can’t remember when I first used a beauty product.

I do remember the fascination I had when I used my first moisturizer. The product was amazing. My skin felt amazing. I have noticed the amazing result after some days of use. For my hair, I started to use nice hair products too. The product made my hair look superb.

I even remember hoarding beauty products. Buying a beauty product has been the mainstream for everyone. I am sure you all felt this before. Advertisers have this way of engaging people in buying their beauty products. I am sure this works well for everyone.

Now let us discuss the surprising truth about beauty products you have ever heard. Let us proceed with the use of makeup. There are two kinds of makeup. There is the designer cosmetics and the drugstore cosmetics.

Some people buy designer cosmetic because of their brand names. The more famous the brand is, the better. They say that when you buy designer cosmetics, the quality will be great. And when you buy drugstore cosmetics, you will get less quality.

What is the truth about this issue? The designer cosmetic has a fancy packaging. They should have that kind of packaging to make their products look more expensive. The packaging of the drugstore cosmetics are just plain and simple.

The appearance or the packaging is important. The packaging is a very nice way to attract customers. The question is, does this really matter? I say that this does not matter. What matters is the quality of the product. These beauty products are just creating confusion among their customers.

When you take a look at the bottom or back part, you will see the ingredients. You will notice that their formulas are somewhat similar. These products go to the same government agency that is responsible for approving these cosmetics.

The truth is many beauty products are not reviewed. This is the reason why many beauty products that contain toxins are being sold worldwide. This has always been an alarming case for every customer. Some of these beauty products have been banned in some countries.

There has been a report that some beauty products contain carcinogens. What will happen to us if we put carcinogenic products into our skin? Carcinogens cause cancer. Acquiring cancer is a gradual process. When you use a carcinogenic product too often, expect the worse.

This is a serious matter. Continuous use of these carcinogenic beauty products can lead to some skin diseases. These diseases include contact dermatitis, or skin irritation, birth defects in pregnant women, and the disrupted hormones in children and adolescents.

The best way to avoid these diseases is to check the ingredients and do some research. Do not trust easily. Regardless of what brand you are using, be careful. No matter how expensive the product is, think wisely.

Let us proceed to hair products. I know a lot of people who are crazy about putting stuff in their hair. For what purposes? Some use gel, wax, clay or hairspray to style their hair to look good. Can these products do them harm?

You can’t hide the fact that these products may cause damage to your hair. These problems include dandruff, hair fall, itchy scalp, and allergy. Hairspray also does damage to your eyes when sprayed directly. Not only will this harm you but the environment as well.

Since these products are important to us and can’t be avoided, what should you do? You need to limit the use of these products. You should wash the product off your hair carefully to avoid itchiness. DO NOT use hair colors when you have brittle hair to avoid breakage. NEVER use hair products when you have wound on your head.

Do you use lipstick every day? Do you know that some lipstick contains lead? What is lead? Lead is a type of metal that is harmful to the human body when ingested. Lead is banned in paints and gasoline. Little do we know that lead is a common ingredient in our favorite lipstick?

What will happen if you continue the use of lipstick which contains lead? This can cause allergy and irritation. There will be a blockage of pores. Your skin will be prone to cancer. You may also experience heavy metal poisoning. Sound horrible right? Again, check the labels.

They say that when you use foundation, you can leave the sun even if the sun is out. They say that foundation has the right amount of SPF to protect your skin from the sun. Is the SPF really enough? No. You still need to apply sunscreen with high amount of SPF in it. This will truly protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.

Speaking of sunscreen, are you sure you are really safe? Studies show that there are also risks. There is a chemical ingredient that when you spray and inhaled, your lungs can be at risk. The use of aerosol prior to using the sunscreen can eliminate the risk.

It is not wrong to use beauty products. You just have to be careful and do not overuse these products. Always remember that too much of something can cause you harm than good.

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