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  • Artificial Intelligence: How It Can Shape the Future

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Humans always view themselves as creators and our quest to create sentience in machines has been something which has been going on since the advent of computers. Many have sought to help create laws and rules to govern this intelligence that can stem out of computers. With our advancement in technology and this relentless pursuit of artificial intelligence, we are knocking on its door. In this process, we are ready to welcome the start of a new era, in the history of this planet where man and machine can work together.

As of today, AI, as it is called, refers to computer systems which can mimic human functionality, such as problem-solving and learning. Both are areas which we have successfully mastered and as we carry on with our works, we can integrate them into a device in the future. As we have moved forward the definition of Artificial intelligence has evolved, to a point where there is a quip about it that goes ‘AI is whatever hasn’t been done yet’. One example is optical character intelligence, which is used to scan and identify each individual iris of a person; is no longer considered AI. It is so because it is a technology which is being used routinely.

AI has gone through many phases, which involved a lot of rising and fall, but today we are in new territory. With the amounts of data and information that we have available in the 21st century, there is a need for AI to be of paramount use. Its usage and applications can be virtually limitless and there are innumerable uses of artificial intelligence. There are so many uses, that when a system becomes widely available and is used by the masses, it is no longer termed as AI. This phenomenon is termed as AI effect. As of today, there are many artificial intelligence service providers who are working to distribute AI to small companies.

Some examples include; autonomous vehicles such as self-driving cars and drones. These can be very good for reducing travel time and the number of fatalities on the roads. Medical diagnosis is one area, where AI is being developed with great progress. We can now easily identify diseases and problems; by taking into account the various bits of information which is available on the person’s medical history. The most commonly used bit of AI, however, is in search engines. This is something which we not only use on a daily basis but numerous times in a day. Today a simple search query can help you make reservations, book tickets and cabs, shop for products and get relevant information right away. Such uses make AI quite indispensable for the modern human.

As time progresses, this relevance will only grow more and we can use it to integrate it into our systems and processes. It can help streamlines manufacturing, transport and other systems which is reliant on humans. The complacency of human error can be reduced almost instantaneously by implementing a system which can run itself. For now, there are many artificial intelligence software companies, looking to push forward the technology and see it progress.

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