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  • Hair Care 101: How to Soften Coarse Gray Curls, Waves, and Textured Hair

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Dyed hair can be challenging to maintain. However, the right hair care routine can protect your hair from damage.

When it comes to hair care, several trends have been around for prolonged periods, one of them being colored ash-gray hair. It’s one of the trends that—even until this day—is very popular, with many people still participating in this hairstyle trend.

Whether it’s coloring your entire hair ash-gray or just having highlights of this distinct color, it’s a trend you’ll often see. However, it’s not always easy to maintain this color as it can appear rough and coarse at times. In the following, we’ll be discussing ways you can maintain and soften your ash-gray hair.

Why Does Ash Gray Hair Become Coarse?

When your hair is naturally a dark tone, such as black or dark brown, coloring your hair with any light colors will be difficult to pull off. The new color may not be easy to see, that’s why. As such, you’ll need to have your hair bleached to make the ash-gray color much more obvious. Bleaching is also the simplest and fastest way to remove the pigment from your hair.

However, bleaching does have its drawbacks as it can make your hair dehydrated and coarse. This can make your ash-gray hair harder to maintain because of side effects like frizz and breakage. The good news is that there are preventive measures you can do to make your newly colored hair appear as healthy and hydrated as before.

Ways to Soften Coarse Gray-Colored Hair

Choose the Right Shampoo

Your shampoo is the one product you use most often to clean and wash your hair, which makes it a significant part of your hair care routine. There are several shampoo products with toxins and chemicals mixed with the ingredients and, chances are, when you put them in your hair, they can provide even more damage.

You need shampoos that don’t have sulfate, paraben, and silicon in them to provide the best nutrients for your hair. You also need sulfate-free shampoos when you have a sensitive scalp, frizzy hair, or dyed hair.

Don’t Skip Conditioners

While not everyone applies conditioners as part of their hair care routine, it’s essential for those who have dyed or bleached hair. Similar to the recommended shampoo, avoid conditioners with paraben and silicone in them.

Your chosen conditioner is responsible for softening and repairing the ends of your hair, especially when it’s full of frizz. It’s also important to choose a conditioner without protein or keratin in them as it can worsen the dryness of your hair.

Apply a Hair Serum

Using a hair serum can benefit your colored hair, as it coats the external surface of your hair. Depending on your chosen hair serum product, it can reduce frizz, make your hair shine, and even straighten or curl your hair. Some hair serum products contain hydrolyzed proteins, which can counteract frizz and flyaways in your hair.

If you had naturally wavy or curly hair before coloring your hair into ash-gray, a hair serum could also enhance the natural texture of your hair. The same concept applies if you have naturally straight hair.

Tips to Maintain Naturally Soft and Textured Gray-Colored Hair

Protect Your Hair From the Sun

One of the most common factors in dehydrated and dry hair is constant sun exposure, especially when you’re always outside. If you really need to expose yourself to sunlight, always protect your hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays by using a hat or umbrella. You can also apply a hair serum to add an extra layer of protection to your hair.

Skip Daily Shampoos

Not only do shampoos reduce the color of your hair, but it’s also damaging to wash your hair every day. A good rule of thumb is to shampoo your hair once every two days, or less frequently than that. During the days you don’t apply shampoo, you can opt for a conditioner instead to maintain the softness and cleanliness of your hair.

Avoid Heat

Environmental heat is dangerous enough, but when you constantly heat your hair through products like a curling iron, your hair will get worse with damage, breakage, and frizz. While it can be tempting to use these every day, especially if you’re styling your hair to go to work, it’s best to lay off the heat to protect your hair.


Self-care is an essential part of your everyday life, which should include protecting your hair if you want to look your best. Your hair is the one part of your body that’s easily damaged, especially when you’re always going out. If you colored your hair into ash gray, there’s a higher risk for damaged hair so best to keep an effective hair care routine to maintain its texture and hydration.

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