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  • Get Healthy and Bouncy Hair: Use Natural Hair Cleanser

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These days everybody is following the more natural route. Whether it’s organic food, a DIY sugar body scrub, or your favourite vegan lipstick, it’s clear that Mother Nature is supplying our body with the best stuff–and our hair! We know about all the wonderful natural foods and super moisturizing oils we can use to improve our hair condition, but did you know there are ways to clean your mane naturally?! Such natural alternatives to shampoos are easy to use and can be paired with your routine of conditioning. Why not avoid the trouble to find the right hairstyle shampoo and create your own!

The only alternative to hair cleaning is shampoos and soap. Now, using certain natural ingredients, you can also clean your hair. The best way is to clean your hair is with natural ingredients. The natural ingredients should be placed on to cleanse the hair, as they do not damage the hair. In chemical shampoos, the essential oils are stripped from the tresses and make your hair look dry and lifeless. It also leads to the loss of hair.

Not only does the use of these natural ingredients purify your hair, but it also helps remove dandruff and prevents hair loss. These natural hair cleansers add a nice shine to the hair and make hair follicles stronger. Regular use of these makes the hair shiny, silky, bouncy, and healthy. Other natural cleaning agents include soap nut, hibiscus, Multani mitti, etc. Several more can be added to the list. Therefore, in this article we have listed some of Best Natural Hair Cleanser that can be used to clean the hair. So, continue the reading to explore more on it.

1. Shikakai

Shikakai is a hair cleanser which is widely used. This cleanses the hair gently and does not extract the natural oils. The daily application of this product makes the hair clean, healthy and bouncy. The pH balance of the scalp can also be maintained and the scalp maintained in a healthy, dandruff-free condition.

2. Aloe Vera

For various shampoos and conditioners, Aloe vera is used as a common ingredient. This makes the hair smoother, more silky and more healthy. Aloe vera also has calming and relaxing effects to minimize scalp redness and discomfort.

3. Hibiscus

All hibiscus leaves and flowers have the slippery material which is used to clean the scalp. The plant protein found in it helps to prevent hair loss and dandruff. It also helps restore the natural oils and moisturizes the scalp.

4. Multani Mitti

Multani mitti is a type of clay-rich in minerals which can help the scalp to extract impurities. This cleans the hair without removing the essential oils from the hair, due to its high absorbent nature. The natural minerals in the clay improve the hair and make it look good as well.

5. Rice Water

Rice water may be used to cleanse the hair as well. Inositol in rice water helps to repair damaged hair by increasing the hair’s elasticity and thus reduces the friction of your hair. Rinsing your hair with rice water will make your hair look good, keeping it healthy and strong.

6. Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour is abundant in saponins commonly used as cleansers for the hair and skin. This flour is packed with protein that makes the hair healthier and more manageable while keeping the hair strong.

What You Can Expect

Changing beauty products often feels a little overwhelming, especially if you have been using the same product for years. However, once you make the change you might wish you tried it earlier. Switching to the shampoo is not only changing the environment; it can also make your hair look better.

A lot of scalp problems are caused by hormonal imbalances, a nutritional deficit in zinc, fungal infections like candida, and even by digestive and constipation. Such issues need to be addressed, along with using more sustainable products for natural hair care.

Consider using natural rosemary or pine oil when you have a sore, itchy and flaccid scalp. You should add a few drops and gently message the oils into your scalp. Both oils have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The essential oil of peppermint is very cool and inflammable and helps to prevent itching.

Rosemary essential oil has an antioxidant for super shine which protects a protein called HSP70 on both the skin and hair. The function of this protein is to reduce the damage which can be done to cells by stress, free radicals and other toxins. You can get Smoother, stronger hair strands by the regular use of Rosemary oil which also makes the hair shiny and reflective. Like all pure citrus oils, lime oil dissolves and removes accumulated dirt and oils, and renews the luster on clean hairs.

Jojoba oil, which is naturally rich in lipids and peptides and easily absorbs into the hair, can fix weak and damaged ends. Just a drop on dry hair or damaged hair adds a healthy glow to your hair.

Argan oil works well, too, for hair that is dry and damaged. Rub your hand with a few drops and go through your hair gently. Make sure you focus on your ends, especially when they are dry.

Instead, you can apply a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a warm water spray bottle and hold this after shampooing in your bathroom to spray on the hair. Vinegar helps restore balance and brighten up hair.

Look no further than coconut oil for treating dandruff. Lauric acid found in cocoa oil has several antibacterial and antifungal properties which contribute to the fight against dandruff. Massage your scalp with a few tablespoons of oil and keep on for a few hours. Repeat 2-3 times in a week according to your dandruff severity.

Take the time to include a weekly hot oil treatment, particularly during the winter, when hair is more dry.

Make sure that you move to natural hair care and your hair will not only boost but also encourage your overall health through the elimination of toxins and chemicals that are found in many conventional brands. You will be grateful for your skin, your hair and your cells!

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