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Dandruff not only causes itching and uncomfortable feeling but also leads to a lack of confidence in communication. “Why do I have so much dandruff?” is a common question asked by many young people. After that, we will give some main reasons for the coming of dandruff and specific methods to deal with dandruff.

Dandruff is the symptom of the disorder of the scalp during the elimination and replacement of cells. When dandruff appears, you can see small white flakes on the scalp, which makes the scalp dry and itchy; and sometimes it is accompanied by red spots.

Dandruff is not a serious disease, but it causes many troubles and discomfort in everyday life.

1. Do not Regularly Keep Your Scalp and Hair Healthy

Maintaining the habit of keeping your scalp and hair healthy is the simplest way to avoid the attack of dandruff. Keeping your hair clean also helps you to avoid other scalp-related diseases such as trichomycosis and folliculitis. Depending on the type of scalp, you can determine the frequency of shampooing. In general, on average, you should wash twice or three times per week.

Many of you have the misconception that washing the hair with shampoo will help to clean your scalp and stop the production of dandruff. However, the oily layer (including fat, protein and water) that is useful for moisturizing and protecting the scalp will be swept away if you wash your hair every day. In addition, many people often use their nails to scratch their scalp while shampooing. As a result, you will hurt the scalp and create good conditions for the development of dandruff. It is necessary to give up this habit.

2. Do not Choose the Right Shampoo

Depending on body features and types of hair, you should consider choosing a shampoo. If your scalp and hair have much dandruff, you should not use the shampoo with many moisturizing ingredients. When the scalp gets excessively moist, dandruff will appear in a large quantity. For this reason, it is important to select a specific shampoo to treat dandruff. For example, Yakuyou supports to clear the sebaceous glands of the root of the hair, improve the state of the scalp and prevent dandruff and itching.

After choosing the right shampoo, you also should take notice of using conditioner to make the hair moister, shiny and strong. In fact, a lot of girls who have the hair with much dandruff are hesitant to use conditioner with the thought that the conditioner will make dandruff grow more strongly. However, if you take moderate doses of conditioner and only apply it to the tip of the hair, you do not need to worry about the arrival of dandruff.

3. Leave Wet Hair to Go to Bed

Quite a few girls have the habit of bathing and shampooing late. Therefore, when sleeping, their hair is still wet. Sometimes due to the fatigue, you can not wait for dry hair before going to bed. This habit not only badly affects the health (for example, it causes headaches) but also nourishes growing dandruff, which may lead to tinea capitis. To limit this bad habit, you need to arrange the time to wash your hair in the morning.

4. Wear a Dirty Helmet

Another reason is that you do not often clean your helmet. Unsuspiciously, dirt along with sweat from the hair that has been long accumulated in the helmet is one of the big causes of dandruff. Therefore, you should wash the inner cushion once a week or use the microbicide to give your helmet a clean.

5. Have Your Hair Dyed Many Times

Applying chemical products to the hair for straightening, curling or dyeing not only inflicts damage on hair but also causes dandruff. When the scalp is exposed to chemicals, it becomes weak under attack from the bacteria. Therefore, to wait for the recovery of the scalp and prevent the growth of dandruff, you should dye your hair again after 1.5 to 2 months.

In addition, excessive hair dye can irritate the scalp or some skin diseases, resulting in damaged and broken hair.

6. Psychological Issues and Nutritional Habits

Long-term psychological stress may lead to excessive stimulation, negatively affecting the nerves of the scalp, weakening the hair roots. In addition, inadequate nutrition, limited supply of water and iron deficiency pave the way for bacteria to attack the scalp easily. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and daily activities in moderation help us to have good health and healthy hair as well.

7. Scratch Your Head While Working

The hair with much dandruff makes you itchy and uncomfortable. As a result, some people have a habit of scratching the head while working. This bad habit can cause the spread of fungal bacteria and dandruff. It is necessary for you to get rid of this habit.

Some Advice on Dandruff Treatment

It is possible to control dandruff, but dandruff treatment requires patience and persistence. Common shampoos only help to relieve itching and remove dandruff temporarily. To completely get rid of dandruff, you are advised to wash hair with the specific shampoo containing 2% of Ketoconazole twice a week for two to four weeks in succession. To avoid the spread of the fungus, you should clean their helmets and personal belongings such as bath towel. Besides, you do not share combs and wipes with other people.

In addition, maintaining hair-care habits in a careful way will help to reduce dandruff and prevent the growth of Pityrosporum ovale.

You should develop the following habits:

  • Wash your hair frequently to remove redundant oil on the scalp
  • Do not use cosmetics for hair in excess
  • Leave your hair to get dry naturally
  • Reduce the number of scratching the itchy area on the scalp.
  • Learn how to control stress.
  • Maintain a healthy diet, particularly, eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Clean your helmets
  • Do not let your hair wet when you go to bed

The article helps you to answer the question “Why do I have so much dandruff?” In order to limit the development of dandruff that may lead to a lack of confidence in communication, you should not ignore the causes above. Depending on different conditions, you find the best way to take care of your hair. Hope that you will have a clean and wavy hair.

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