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An e-commerce website, such as Phdify.com, is the perfect opportunity for a smaller company to really demonstrate one of its key strengths – its size. Good website planning is crucial.

One of the greatest assets a small business has is its size. While there is a temptation (and sometimes a necessity) for a small business to position itself as a larger company, this can sometimes weaken one of the company’s greatest strengths.

Planning an E-commerce Website

A well designed e-commerce website helps to even the playing field between large and small companies and allows the smaller business a wonderful opportunity to really play to its strengths. There are a few key features that will make a small business web site stand out from the crowd in even the most crowded of market places.

A Question of Size

One of the major features of a small business that larger business try hard to replicate without success is the personal touch. Many customers enjoy dealing with small companies as they get to know the key members of staff and feel that they get a higher standard of customer service. Small business websites should capitalize on this by really letting the personality of the management team shine through in the website. There are many places on a website that allow slightly more informal information to be shared with customers and prospective customers without detracting from the credibility of the site.

These are:

  • About Us: This is one of the key places on a small business website where there is plenty of opportunity to stand out from the crowd! While customers don’t want to know too much personal information, they will certainly be interested in finding out the background and credentials of key staff – for instance, information such as how long key staff have worked for the company. A few relaxed photographs will illustrate this well without looking too stuffy or staged.
  • Blog: A blog on a small business website is a great way to share information with customers and prospective customers without sounding too formal. Small businesses are in the fortunate position of being about to share the responsibility of making blog posts and this exposes customers to a wider selection of key company personnel. The blog should have an approachable ‘voice’
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Us: Although there is a lot of important information that needs to be shared on these pages, a small business website can do this with a personal touch. The use of staff names in the Contact Us section and in answer to some of the FAQ’s are all ways that the small business can capitalize on the friendly and personal nature of its structure.

Mistakes for a Small Business Website to Avoid

  • There is a balance between being slightly informal and accessible, and being too chummy. While potential customers like to know that there are real people behind the small business web site, they are also not interested in trivia. Sharing too much irrelevant information can result in a lack of credibility in the customer’s eyes.
  • Like contestants in a Big Brother House, it is easy to forget that the outside is looking in and it is therefore important not to post blogs about the nightmare that a company had fulfilling orders, or the disaster when the latest delivery was wrong. It is important always to remember how a reader will receive the information that is shared in a blog.
  • Keep the website simple. While it is tempting to use all the latest ‘must have’ widgets and gizmos on the website, a simple and professional approach is going to be much better received. Keep the flashing cursor chaser for home sites.

A well thought out website can be a great asset to even the smallest of businesses.

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