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  • What is the Procedure for Minoxidil Hair Treatment?

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Minoxidil is one of the very common treatments for hair loss in men. Enhancing regrowth in over 60% of those who use it — accompanied with very less risk of side effects — Minoxidil hair treatment is recognized as effective and safe.

But the way to use Minoxidil? In this article, we’ll provide the full process of Minoxidil once. Once traded in the form of a solution, then as foam, the spray is known as the simplest way of application.

How Does Minoxidil Work?

Compared to Finasteride, Minoxidil is one of the safest and very effective treatments for hair loss in men. Back in the day, the drug’s hair-boosting ability was found during its attempt as a treatment for high blood pressure if the patients exposed to the drug started sprouting hair in unexpected places.

Minoxidil works as a vasodilator, meaning which it enlarges blood vessels to add excess blood flow to the area on that it’s applied. So that male pattern baldness is caused by the miniaturization, shrinkage, and weakening of hair follicles on your scalp. Having more blood comes more nutrients with oxygen that enhances the health of those follicles and directly the treatment of shrinkage.

The essential point here is that your scalp — rather than your hair — wants to receive the Minoxidil spray. Remember this when applying it. And don’t be stressed when you notice that you are shedding hair at first: it will grow back, and this will go on for the first 2-4 weeks of use.

How to Apply Minoxidil for the Better changes

Understanding how to use Minoxidil will not prove too much of a challenge. But you may want a few goes before you get the knack of it. Putting a solution to your scalp in the mirror is not the very nature of positions, so other practice will be needed.

Aim for the Scalp

As explained, the first thing you should remember when applying Minoxidil is to go for the scalp, not the hair. This is why your follicles are, and it’s the follicles that will be essential from the treatment.

To make sure that you hit the spot, differentiate your hair into separate sections five or six, for example, so that the scalp becomes visible. By spraying directly onto the skin, you will minimize some wasted spray that doesn’t come near the place it should.

Ensuring your hair is dry before using the solution will assist this also. Wet hair will dilute the solution then prevent the precision which you’re searching for.

Avoid Drippage

One of the basic issues is that the spray applicator solves that of drippage. Most men find that the treatment will drip onto the face, forehead, and neck while using the solution, increasing the risk of Monoxide’s damage to your face.

Using the spray, this will not be likely. The mist spray is taken to the skin more quickly, showing that less overspill with the application is more precise.

But, drips are still possible. So, if applying Minoxidil to the hairline, put your head tilted backward, as this will protect the solution from coming close with your face with your eyes.

Time Your Dosages

Minoxidil is made to be used two times daily, approximately at twelve-hour intervals. It is good to use the treatment at least an hour before you go to bed in the evening, as this may prevent the solution from rubbing off onto your pillow before it has been correctly absorbed.

Do not use the temptation to use Minoxidil mostly than this. It will not enhance or speed up results — however, it can increase the options of experiencing effects.

Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

The Minoxidil spray aims because your hands do not have to come close with the treatment’s active agent, as you can easily apply it to the older solution or foam.

Even if using the spray, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly at the end of the application. This will make you not absorb the drug in unintended parts, and it will protect you from unwittingly ingesting Minoxidil when it remains on your hands.


Beverly Hills Hair Restoration will enable you to get the treatment’s best possible result while reducing your chances of minoxidil side effects too. Know time to aim for the scalp and prevent yourself from drips as much as possible.

Finally, you should be confident when going Minoxidil is not an immediate fix. However, it is effective, and you will see hair regrowth with time.

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