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  • 10 Reasons Why Bengalis Can’t Let Go of Their Beloved Fish

Featured Image Caption: Maach Bhaat Bengalis’ Favourite Food

1. There’s just so many types of fish:

Ilish, Chingri, Rui, Katla, Bhetki, Pomphret, Tyalapia, Parshe, Pabda, Koi, Mourola,Tyangra, Aar, Loitta ..and the list goes on and on. There are so many different varieties of fish that you could probably have a different type on each day of the month!

2. Fish can be anything you want it to be:

Be it Machh bhaja, Machher Jhol, Machher Tok, Machher Jhaal or Machher kaliya, fish can be prepared in a million ways. Your taste buds have no chance of getting bored.

3. You can eat fish with anything:

Be it rice, polao, fried rice and even luchi in some cases, fish preparations can be enjoyed with any item you want. That’s what makes Bengalis love fish all the more. And once you’ve had the famous Ilish Biriyani from Bangladesh, can you ever forget the taste?

4. There are so many Chinese recipes as well:

Everyone knows how much Bengalis love Chinese food. And when their two favourites- fish and Chinese come together, who can stop them from gobbling it all up? Chilly fish, Fish Manchurian, Sweet and Sour Fish – you name it and there it is!

5. Fish can be such a great snack:

Who said fish preparations always had to be part of big meals? Fish fries or fish kobirajis can be such a great evening snack, coupled with a steaming bhnaar of sweet milky tea!

6. Fish is also the best comfort food:

Bengali youths may love their rib eye steaks and chicken burgers, but nothing beats the Bhaat ar Machher Jhol that they have for lunch almost every day. It seems as if Machher Jhol is the taste of a Bengali home itself.

7. Fish is such a great convalescent meal:

When we’re down with fever or some other illness and our mothers feed us Bhaat and Tyangra Machher paatla jhol – we feel like no medicine can ever make us feel that good!

8. Fish tastes amazing in continental dishes too:

Be it the British favourite Fish n’ Chips or the continental Baked fish, fish is a great item to look for in Mediterranean, American or European cuisines. Their approach to fish may be different from a Bengali but there is no compromise on the flavour.

9. Fish is good for your eyes:

Or at least that’s what Bengali children are told when they refuse to have their portion of fish for the day.

10. Deboning a fish on your own makes you feel like a grown up:

One important milestone a Bengali has to cross in order to become an adult is deboning a piece of fish perfectly without creating a mess of things. When this task is accomplished for the first time, a Bengali will know that he or she has stepped across the threshold into the world of capable, independent and successful adulthood.

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