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  • 4 Tips to Avoid Discomfort While Wearing G-Strings

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  • Published Date: May 5, 2022
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Comfort over style or style over comfort? That’s an age-old question, and somehow, some piece of clothing has still not wholly passed this test. And one of them is the sensual G-string that rules in its look but often causes discomfort.

How does one person look at it and think, “well, it’s the day I handle some wedge”? But what if you don’t have to be uncomfortable for the sake of hiding your panty lines? What if you could genuinely enjoy both style and comfort?

Now, 52% of women from an official survey in 2016 claimed they preferred fuller bottom. So if you are one of that 52% but would like to try a comfy wedgie, then there are some ways to ensure a good experience.

Choose the Right Size

More often than not, when wearing G-strings, choosing the wrong size can cause immense pain and annoyance. Meanwhile, when you choose regular underwear, you are likely to pick the standard size that you often do. But, when you pick this special underwear, you need to pick a size larger than your normal one. It will allow the thin string some space and relief and not tug roughly against your skin.

This way, all the unbearable toilet runs would reduce to the minimum!

Gradual Introduction

As with most things in life, love at first sight with G-strings is not a very real deal. It’s a thing that requires a little bit of understanding and familiarity before becoming friends. So, try to wear them for more than a week, for a few weeks straight. Allow the new sensations to register with your brain and body. And once you get used to its feeling, you would hardly be aware of its presence. As such, you need to trick your brain into forgetting that you’re wearing a thin G-string!

Pick a Good Material

This one is obvious but still needs a reiteration! Pick the kind of fabric that feels soft against your skin. And the more comforting the fabric, the less it will tug on your sensitive skin and annoy you.

Anything made of rough elastic material or even lace could cause bothersome irritation. So, choose cotton, for it works best for most due to its softness!

Do Not Wear Them All the Time

This often may get lost in the hoard of other advice, but it’s essential to remember that G-strings are not 100% safe.

They are thinner in size and thus have less material to hold the moisture, and this could easily lead to inflammation, irritation, and even yeast infection. And if it’s too tight or poorly stitched, the string can also cause ungodly injuries.

Thus, always remember that your genital area must be kept safe. As such, wear G-strings but not all the time, especially if you can feel your skin not reacting well to it!

A G-string’s primary job is to help disappear any potential underwear line that would peek from the tight jeans, skirts, or yoga pants. But, having the panty line gone should not come at the cost of your body’s discomfort.

Choosing the right size, good material, and wearing it only enough to get used to it but not hurt your skin would do you good. So keep this in mind, then perhaps your cute G-string will finally come out of your closet and be worn more often as you’d like. After all, nobody should be in agony simply to look alluring!

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