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  • Wisdom Tooth Extractions By Dentist – Things You Need To Know

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Wisdom teeth extractions can be a daunting process. Oral surgery specialists can carry them out in a hospital, or regular dentists can whilst you’re in the chair.

Unfortunately, the nation’s oral health seems to be at its lowest ebb in recent history, with one-in-three adults having untreated tooth decay while almost as many are experiencing some form of gum disease. There’s perhaps a temptation to ‘brave’ with teeth problems or shrug them off as meaningless irritations that will soon disappear.

That said, it’s essential to be vigilant with your own oral health and to receive expert help where necessary. If you suspect you might need a wisdom tooth extracted, then the dentist should be the first person you contact. Keep reading to see what you can expect when you take that positive step forward.

When is an Extraction Necessary?

It can be hard to know when an extraction is necessary. Still, your oral health is essential to your general health, so you need to know when a procedure may be required.

Your wisdom tooth may need to be extracted if:

  • You experience any pain around the wisdom tooth.
  • The tooth crowds others nearby and can’t grow without disrupting or damaging the others in your mouth. If it grows at an awkward angle, it may also be harder to clean.
  • The tooth causes recurring infections in your gums or is subject to further decay due to partial growth.
  • Your dentist recommends its removal for any reason that they specify after an X-ray.

Of course, the guidance of a trained professional should override everything you’ve read elsewhere. If you’re ever in doubt, consult a dentist for confirmation, as cases can vary. After all, though discomfort may be felt as the wisdom teeth come through, this doesn’t always warrant an extraction as they can eventually settle in a suitable position.

Choosing a Good Dentist

It may be a good idea to book your extraction with a highly specialized service. That way, you can be sure that you will receive quality care for some additional peace of mind.

One dentist in Brisbane can diligently assess wisdom teeth before they become diseased. Additionally, they provide an onslaught of additional services like teeth whitening, digital x-ray, and any emergency oral health needs you require. Give them a call, book online, or fire a message on their website to kickstart the process.

The correct dentist will be patient-friendly and have a variety of payment plans at their disposal. Moreover, their website will have clearly listed accreditations that authorize their activities. They will also pair the use of the latest technology with honest advice about your oral health, granting you a thorough examination.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Fortunately, wisdom teeth procedures can often be carried out quickly. It’s typically not an elaborate process and can last anywhere between a few minutes to 20 minutes in exceptional cases.

Complications may arise if you’re a fully grown adult, as wisdom teeth are best removed during the teenage years before their roots are completely developed. Still, if you’re older, you won’t be barred from these surgeries, and you’ll still experience a great deal of good care.

You’ll typically be given a local anaesthetic to prevent any feeling around your wisdom tooth. However, you may also be offered a general anaesthetic if other medical problems are taken into consideration. After that, the extraction will commence.

A small incision will be made in your gum, and the tooth socket will be widened slightly before the surgeon gently wiggles the tooth free of your jaw. Some of the bone protecting it may also need to be removed in some cases. As you can see, the process isn’t too involved, so there’s nothing to fear.

What to Expect Post-Procedure

You can expect to undergo a somewhat brief recovery period after your procedure. This process may involve:

  • Varying levels of pain – This factor depends on how well the extraction procedure was carried out. With the right service and medication, minimal pain should be experienced, and ibuprofen can help substantially.
  • Stiff and swollen mouth – You may struggle to articulate words somewhat after the procedure. These effects should subside on their own, though you may experience mild discomfort in the beginning.
  • Bruised skin and sore jaw – Bruising should fade within a fortnight, while stiffness should take around half the time to ease off.
  • Bleeding – The hole where your tooth was will be stitched shut by a steady hand. Avoid consuming hard foods or hot liquids for at least a day or two so that you don’t risk undoing their good work prematurely.

Pain after tooth extraction can be a sign of a dry socket. Dry socket, according to this article, occurs if the formation of the blood clot is disturbed or lost from the wound before it becomes stabilized by the ingrowth of the healing tissues

Make a note of these time parameters and monitor your progress. If you find that your mouth takes a little longer to revert to normal, you must contact your dentist immediately. They’ll recommend the appropriate remedies and courses of action that you may need to take. You may be asked to temporarily cut back on smoking or alcohol and stick to soft foods.

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