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Actually, cat lovers debate on the fact that the feline should be implemented with supplements or not. And the debate not only sparks there but expands to many industries that earn over billions of dollars on it. If their owner has to daily take some multivitamins, why shouldn’t they take them too? But do they really need it? What is the role of cat vitamins […]

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Most people are familiar with the fun of finding bargains at flea markets and garage sales. When it comes to your horse’s tack, though, it’s a different story. Because riding equipment is supposed to hold up reliably for years while being subjected to physical stress in all kinds of weather, surprise bargains can actually endanger your horse and you. Plan ahead for good quality tack […]

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Within the two last decades, food waste has become a serious problem that has to be quickly overcome. As the average food waste produced by an adult can reach 20 kilos per month, turning food waste into animal feed could be, apart from using it through composting, one of the best ways to deal with the food waste all over the world. Advantages of food […]

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Medical attention for the furry friends could be costly. Here are a few recommendations to have a bite from veterinarian bills. One afternoon, I discovered that my pup has been behaving strangely. She walked A couple of measures, came, fell over and gradually got up, just to collapse again. I understood her belly was really bloated. I rushed her into the vet. The vet examined […]

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Dog daycare could be a really frustrating experience to get a pet owner. If it’s the dog is licking their paws, their pet parents, or even the furniture, it is an unusual quirk which could be utilized for owners. When it comes to licking, dogs frequently prefer licking surfaces, such as the carpeting, or even the flooring. The question is why? What are a few […]

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