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Want to break the bank with magnificent and extravagant experiences while you are in Doha? It doesn’t matter what your reasons might be, but since you landed on this page, I bet that you want to experience the best of what this city has to offer and this page tells you exactly how. Doha is a city primarily known for its beautiful traditional & modern […]

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Having paid leaves during this time of the year is a blessing, and for those who simply can’t stay put at one place for too long, traveling during the pandemic can breathe new life into them. The pandemic has no doubt rigged our lives and devastated millions of lives across the planet. People lost their jobs, businesses were forced into closures, and kids are staying […]

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It’s always good to bring your favorite items with you when you travel, from toiletries to the pillow you just can’t sleep without. If you vape, you’ll also want to plan on bringing along the means to vape on your trips. Before you go, though, you do need to be aware of how to travel safely with vaping equipment. Below are a few tips about […]

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What’s spookier than a haunted house? Ireland has an answer for you: how about a haunted castle with a gruesome past? A castle that’s been standing for centuries sure’s got a lot of spine-tingling stories to tell. In this case, we’ve got a couple of dark, horrifying stories of murderous clans, massacres, tortures, and battles that once filled its walls with blood and terror. And […]

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COVID-19 outbreak has negatively impacted the travel industry and has been heartbreaking for travellers. Long weekends, planning for foreign trips and even short staycations have become a challenge. Safety, precautions, state quarantine rules have completely changed the face of travel. Here are a few of the travel thing I learnt during COVID-19 outbreak: Don’t be in a hurry to travel… start with baby steps Foreign […]

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