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  • How to Plan a Luxurious Vacation to San Juan

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Whatever your preferences, San Juan has endless delights to experience and enjoy. Whether you want to visit San Juan for a week or a month, there will be plenty of places to go, things to do, and wonders to experience. But you will need to be careful when planning the trip to the Island not to miss out on the real fun. Here is how you can plan a successful vacation to San Juan.

Decide When to Visit

You can travel to San Juan any time, but the cheapest time to schedule a trip to Puerto Rico is between July and August during the summer. Although it could be humid and pretty hot during the summer, you will still enjoy your stay in San Juan. Weather-wise, the ideal period to schedule a trip to San Juan is during spring, between April and June. The weather is usually perfect, and you will avoid the rainy summer months between July and August.

Create Your Itinerary

Before you decide what to do and where to visit during your San Juan trip, you need to create an itinerary. It may also be worthwhile to check out La Placita de Santurce, San Juan’s nightlife hub. San Juan is well-known for its incredible beaches. Almost every beach in San Juan is insanely beautiful. Santurce has electric nightlife, amazing bars, and delicious street food waiting for you. And if you’re looking for things to do after a long day, Santurce is the perfect place for you.

Decide Where to Stay

San Juan has many great places to spend your vacation. But remember to figure out which neighborhood matches your itinerary. Old San Juan is one of the popular places to vacation in San Juan. The neighborhood’s cobblestone streets are near must-see tourist attractions, restaurants, clubs, and bars. With its attractive historical landmarks, breathtaking views, and quirky shops, Old San Juan is a place you can’t skip out during your San Juan trip. If you want to explore San Juan’s gritty parts and art, head to Santurce. You will enjoy taking photos in front of colorful buildings and dining at amazing street food joints.

Figure out Transportation

You will need to figure out how you will be getting to this destination. Taking a private jet to San Juan might be a great option to consider. Upon deciding where to stay in San Juan, figure out how you will move around the city. Local travel agencies may know the cheapest and most convenient ways to get around the city. Uber is available in many parts of San Juan but unavailable in some areas. So, it is important to figure out how you will get from one destination to another before heading out to San Juan. Consult a local travel agency for advice on the best transport in the area you will be residing in and If you will be traveling away from the busier parts of San Juan, such as Isla Verde, ask a local planner for advice also.


Someone traveling from the USA doesn’t require a passport to enter San Juan. Those traveling to San Juan outside the USA should check their requirements with the relevant authorities. You also don’t need to convert money because the US dollar is accepted in most places in San Juan. But have some cash since not all places accept credit cards.


The anticipation and excitement of traveling to San Juan begin long before setting foot on a cruise ship or plane. But remember that the San Juan weather is tropical when packing your essentials. The weather keeps changing, so be prepared for rainy interludes, chilly evenings, and hurricane possibilities. What you pack will vary depending on the season and activities you will engage in. If your itinerary includes kayaking through Mosquito Bay or hiking in El Yunque, pack appropriate clothing.

Spend Time with the Locals

If you want to make the most of your trip, involve a San Juan local in planning your trip. Experiencing San Juan through the eyes of a local is better than exploring it as a tourist. A local will help you discover hidden gems you couldn’t discover by yourself.

You can plan a trip to San Juan on your own. But do you want to risk missing out on the best of your San Juan vacation? If your answer is no, ask a local trip planner to help you create a personalized San Juan itinerary.

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