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The best thing about watching YouTube videos together is that you can create something new and exciting. You and your partner will have fun together playing with the different video formats, including, of course, those that offer flash video. Read on to find out how you can share your favourite videos with the person you love the most. Sharing can be difficult at times. In […]

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The Future of Work could actually be a popular pop-culture phrase right now, what with the endless debates, discussions and brouhaha about how human beings will ultimately adapt to a social distancing scenario and start working more from home. How will modern workplaces adapt? How will the ongoing and devastating COVID-19 pandemic change the way we work in the future? There are several other issues […]

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Planning a community project in your local area is a great way to connect with members of your city or region while also giving back to those in need. With recent events, we have often seen how connected we are and how important it is to help each other through difficulty. If you want to directly help those around you, it can be difficult to […]

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Technology has evolved very fast since the late 2000s. Although lots of progress has been positive, it seems adults haven’t been good at handling the challenges of technology at homes or workplaces. I am a parent myself and I feel smartphones and other gadgets have increased the gap between my kids and I. One of my friends suggested me to check Spectrum TV packages and […]

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Airtel is the undisputed leader in providing premier telecommunication services in India. With the strongest 4G network throughout India and the widest coverage, Airtel has been at the top of the telecom industry since its conception. Another aspect of Airtel’s services that are appreciated by its customers is the strong integration of technological advancements and a firm grip of the customer experience. Since prepaid still […]

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