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There was a time when transferring money from one place to another one used to be a tough thing. But it has become quite easier. There is no need to wait anymore or get indulged in any kind of tricky method. We are living in a world where everything is revolving around smart technology. And transferring money has also become quite easier with these smart apps. How Money Transfer App Can Serve You In Different Ways – Money Transfer App has made our life completely easy and stress-free. The smart people always want to get their task done easily and […]

Do you know that Facebook has many secret tricks that you can use to surprise your Facebook friends? Yes, there are plenty of hidden tricks in Facebook that can fascinate you as a prankster. Some of them really deserve a mention here: 1. Use Pirates Language Trick your contacts by changing your language to ‘pirates’, the kind of ‘lov’in’, ‘mak’in’ and ‘em’ etc. This is both easy and fun. All you need is to tweak the language settings from ‘English’ to ‘English (Pirate)’. That is it. Now, prepare yourself to receive the series of messages from your contacts for making […]

Political campaigns are one of the most integral parts where you introduce yourself in the political market and advertise your party to the general voting populace. This is what decides the future of the elections for you. The better the political campaign, the better is the chance for you to win the elections. It is an extremely important thing to have a well-organized and enhanced political campaign for better results for you in the elections. There are a number of ways that the political scene has changed in the present times. You can campaign your party or yourself through a […]

Did you know that the roots of present-day Durga Puja celebrations lie in the Ramayana? Have you ever wondered why Durga Puja is called Akal Bodhan or the worship of Goddess Durga in the Ashwin month which is usually not a time when such rituals are practised? With the festivities slated to kick off from tomorrow-Chaturthi or the 13th of October, 2018, you should know that the actual conventional time for doing Durga Puja is Spring or Basanta Ritu. However, we worship Maa Durga during autumn or Hemanta Ritu. This is thus known as Akal Bodhan. During the war in […]

To analyse the economic growth of a country, the most commonly used marker by majority of economists is Gross Domestic Product (GDP). GDP is calculated as the final monetary measure of all the goods and services produced in the nation over a defined period of time which may be quarterly, half yearly or annual. However, since our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi took charge of the country in 2014, India’s GDP have seen a significant declines and it become a topic of controversial discussions throughout the world especially when the BJP claimed several achievements of their part in these four […]

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