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This might sound strange for beginners in vaping. Squonk mods are not very popular yet, but those who have used them can attest to their benefits. But if you would like to go in this direction as a beginner, there is a lot that you need to know. Apart from knowing what it is and the interesting facts, you also need a guide on how to use it. If you are such a person, this article is for you. Components of a Squonking Kit Squonking kits are simple and straightforward. There is the main squonk mod, which that carries the […]

Beyond obvious reasons, workplace health and safety is extremely important to protect your assets: your establishment and workforce. Workplace health and safety training provides your workforce with proper knowledge and skills on how to carry out their tasks safely. An effective safety plan includes comprehensive instructions and guidelines that help your employees quickly identify, report, and deal with hazards. As a business owner, it is your legal obligation and responsibility to enforce office safety programs. If you do not have the time to get acquainted with the hundreds of pages of standard regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health […]

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide every year in June. This is meant to show our appreciation to our fathers who go through tough times to ensure everyone in the family and the society at large is catered for. It is advisable to get your dad a meaningful gift to show your gratitude. Fathers are wonderful and will appreciate any Father’s Day gifts they get for this special day so it’s best you think of something no matter the cost. If you find it hard to get a good gift, here are 10 gift ideas that are affordable. Electronic Lone Mower […]

We have no problem going to a doctor when struck by a fever or flu. Sadly, it isn’t the case when we are dealing with mental issues. Some people find it embarrassing to go for therapy. They wait till the problem has escalated to extreme levels before getting professional help. It is best to get help as soon as you realize you have a problem before it becomes difficult to heal. Many drug and alcohol addicts don’t know whether to visit a professional until things have gone out of their hands. You should acquire the services of a drug rehab […]

Facebook isn’t in a great place right now. The social network is still popular, as are its recent acquisitions- WhatsApp and Instagram. But, there’s one project people have their eyes on. A project that might perhaps, fail. We’re talking, of course, about Facebook’s cryptocurrency push, for what is now called “Facebook Coin.” While we know nothing about it officially yet, speculation abounds. And while there’s no specific reason to say Facebook’s coin is going to succeed, there are reasons to believe it will. Facebook isn’t a great friend to the crypto community We have to start here. A small, relatively […]

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