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Investors who want to park their savings in risk-free instruments that provide good returns can think of investing in a fixed deposit. The features like periodic interest payouts and flexible tenor make it a popular investment scheme among the several investment options that are available in the market. However, to reap extra benefits and high returns from an FD, one must be careful while investing. […]

A fixed deposit is the safest avenue of investment at any point in time as it gives guaranteed returns irrespective of market fluctuations. In the current times of uncertainty, you might want to park your money in a savings or recurring deposit account but both have shortcomings when compared to an FD. A savings account is more suitable for frequent withdrawals to meet your routine […]

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Saving a substantial corpus for the future is what prompts most individuals into investing in different schemes. But the most prominent two among all the other investment opportunities are mutual funds and fixed deposits. Both of them carry specific investment growth formula suitable for either the risk-averse or risk-taking investor, catering to the whole range of the prospective investors in the Indian demography. So, let’s […]

If a financial company has turned down your credit card application before, you must ensure to avoid those possible reasons of rejection this time. Getting approval for your next application can become easier when you follow a few important steps. However, before going ahead, first understand the reasons why your application was rejected the last time. Only then can you take the remedial steps and […]

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