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  • Does a Fence Increase the Home Value?

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Whether you’re considering adding a fence to your property to add privacy to your outdoor space, help keep a furry friend where they’re meant to be, or for aesthetic reasons, you may be wondering if it’s a good investment. Look no further for our answer to, does a fence increase your home value?

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Does a fence increase value?

The simple answer to this question is a new fence comes with no guarantee for return on investment (ROI). To properly give you an answer, there are many other factors to consider. Think about:

  • What material the fence is made from
  • It’s condition and age
  • What local buyers in your area want (if there are lots of families, a fence will add more value than elderly buyers)

Fencing is an extension of your landscaping, and generally speaking, a landscaped home sells for anywhere from one-to-10-percent more than a non-landscaped counterpart. So, in this regard, it could add value. Fencing also offers a curb appeal factor (see more about this later!) that can help increase value or at the very least decrease the amount of time it takes to sell your home.

The average ROI for a fence is only about 50-percent, on average. This means if you spend $2,000 on the fence, it will likely only add $1,000 to your home value.

There are definitely other ways to increase your property value before fencing. Interior fixes can make a big difference on home value, as well as other landscaping. This isn’t to say if you want a fence, or you think buyers will find value in it that you should avoid installing a fence.

Cost & materials

Increasing property value with a fence is a tricky question. It really depends how much you spend to have the fence installation and also the quality of the fence. In 2022 the average cost to install a new fence ranges from $1,500-to-$4,000. Obviously, size, material, and location can add a wide range to this cost.

Classic wood and vinyl fences typically are the best choice in buyers’ eyes as they don’t require much maintenance. Wrought iron fencing may look nice, but it requires a lot of upkeep and is expensive to install.

What do buyers want?

We have already touched on buyers wanting the fence to be low maintenance. But what else should you consider? If you’re thinking about installing a fence for increasing property value, considering what your buyers will find valuable is key.

Often buyers want the fence to offer privacy and add curb appeal. Another major factor buyers are interested in is keeping children and pets in the yard. This means that the fence should be aesthetically pleasing, offer privacy, and be in good enough condition that it can’t easily be compromised by wandering little ones or pets.

Adding curb appeal

Although adding a fence doesn’t promise a sound investment, sometimes adding one is still necessary. Buyers are looking for something that adds curb appeal along with function. Latticework and horizontal boards are a contemporary modern look that is trendy now. Also, darker or more neutral-toned fencing is more appealing to buyers and will add more curb appeal to your home.

Curb appeal in the form of fence also depends on the location of your home. In a city setting, wrought iron with ornate details will add the most curb appeal. This kind of design is also ideal for an older-style home, say a traditional Craftsman. Whatever your home style is, you should keep that in mind when selecting a fence.

You also can consider landscaping around your fence for the added finishing touch buyers crave. Try planting perennials in flower beds that line your fence for a low maintenance option. These plants will emerge each year without fuss or without the need to replant season-after-season. Shrubs are also a good option for finishing off the look and curb appeal of your fence as they are also low maintenance and stay looking nice year-round.

Our final tip for adding curb appeal with your fence is to get a lower, front yard fence. You can add a trellis detailing and a nice walkway through a gate out front for a showstopping look. Add flood lighting or string lights to top off the design and give a cozy aesthetic at nighttime.

We hope you feel enlightened and educated about if adding a fence is the right option for you and your home value. Does it increase property value? Not really, but that does not mean a fence is not the right addition to your outdoor space.

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