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  • 5 Ways to Add Funk to Your Daily Summer Outfit

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Fashion is ever-changing, and new trends hit the market every season. Many believe that it is easier to curate a wardrobe for winter because you can layer and create many new outfits with a few clothing items. However, curating a summer wardrobe requires much thinking and some investment.

Neutral colors and classic prints are not for everyone, and many people find minimalistic outfits boring. Some people want to add a little more funk to their clothes, especially in summer when everything is fresh and lively.

If you are a lively person who wants to stand out in a crowd, try investing in fun pieces that you enjoy wearing. You can invest in the latest designer pieces, contrasting color combos, or unique cuts to make your outfit look funkier.

However, you don’t necessarily have to change your entire wardrobe to add more funk to your outfits this summer. Some simple tips and tricks can make your everyday clothes look more fun and funky.

Wisely buying a few quality pieces and mixing and matching them can help you curate a funky wardrobe on a budget.

In this article, we will discuss some ways to add funk to your daily summer outfit.

Invest in Embroidered Patches

Adding embroidered patches to your outfits can make them more personal and unique. You can get ready-made patches of different colors and patterns or buy custom embroidered patches that show your favorite place, music band, or style.

You can attach a colorful embroidered patch to your summer jacket to give it a casual and funky look. You can get a cool patch attached to a simple white or black tee to wear with jeans and attend casual summer parties.

Patches are helpful and can help you hide minor tears in your clothing items so that you can use them for some more time. Embroidered patches have the power to make or break the look of your outfit. Therefore, take your time and wisely choose the pattern or design of the patch.

Wear Colorful Accessories

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt all your accessories. If you have classic pieces of clothing, you can still create a funky outfit by wearing bright-colored accessories. Handmade colorful bracelets can add more color and funk to your overall look.

Wearing tassels or fringed earrings are also a great way to create a fun summer look. Marine shells and beaded jewelry are popular, so pair a simple outfit with a beaded necklace to create a funky look. If you like it, you can layer different necklaces like a gold chain, a beaded necklace, and a pearl necklace to create a stacked necklace look. Rings engraved with bright-colored stones can also be a colorful addition to your overall look.

Add a Pop of Color or Glitter to your Daily Clothes

A black belt with a big buckle, a colorful braided strap, or a shiny, shimmery belt on a summer dress can add some fun to your outfit. Add a hint of glitter by sewing a sequined fabric on any of your plain basic colored tee shirts, or you can add sequins to the pockets of your jeans.

Sparkly clothes can be worn all year round. If you can pull it off, invest in a glittery top to pair with jeans or a sequined dress to add some fun to your daily outfits. You can find many resources and guides online that will help you learn how to rock sparkly clothes throughout the year.

Consider Buying Asymmetrical Dresses

Asymmetrical dresses are the hottest summer trend of 2022. These dresses create vertical lines that give you a slimming effect and make you look more flattering. Nowadays, the most popular asymmetrical dresses have a slanted neckline and one shoulder.

If you are wearing a solid-colored asymmetrical dress, add a light jacket or a shrug to complete the funky look. However, floral patterned dresses with a thigh slit, slanted hemline, or neckline look fun and funky on their own.

Use Prints to your Advantage

Nowadays, the market is brimming with funky prints depicting animals, fruits, abstract art, and more. You can choose a dress with a funky print or buy a tee shirt with a funky pattern to add funk to your outfit.

If you like a print that you found online or like the work of a digital artist, you can take permission and get that printed onto a simple tee shirt to create a unique and fun look. You can also pair a simple shirt with a trouser that has a colorful pattern to create a balanced and funky outfit. Mix and match different prints to create hundreds of different outfits.

The Bottom Line

Many people prefer a minimalistic, neat, and classic look. However, a significant number of people, especially the newer generation, want to add more funk to their outfits. Creating a funky look is easier in summer than in winter. Some simple tips like using funky prints, attaching embroidered patterns to your clothes, sewing sequins, buying glittery belts, wearing asymmetrical dresses, and investing in colorful accessories can help add fun to your daily summer outfit. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how to add funk to your daily summer outfit.

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