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COVID-19 has affected nearly 100 million people globally, and has claimed the lives of millions of people. Due to the pandemic, virtually every country has decreed that its citizens must wear face masks indoors, with some mandating outdoor mask usage too. However, with billions of people wearing masks, billions of masks have either been thrown or dumped into the ecosystem. Many masks end up in […]

For decades, activists pointed to recycling as one of the principal ways we could help save the planet. Recently, some observers have noted that truly existential threats like climate change require more comprehensive solutions. But even if you can’t save the planet just by tossing your water bottles in the right bin, there are still plenty of reasons why recycling is the right thing to […]

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Infection cases are quite common across the world and they claim lots of lives each year. In fact, one fourth of those belong to surgical site infections which indicate the need to find ways to save innocent lives. Medical disposable supplies are the best option to deal with these infection-rated problems and ensure no patients lose the battle of life due to such a minor […]

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