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We spend at least forty hours per week in an office, for a large chunk of our lives. Being in contact every day with a lot of people, in a confined space, means you will get in contact with germs – and lots of them. Even if the team you work with is on the smaller side, the infection risk is rather high. For this reason, maintaining a high level of office hygiene is paramount for the protection of your health, and the people in your vicinity. The common cold, or the flue, spread like wildfire in offices, and both […]

Change is inevitable, that’s what they said. So as time continue to pass by a lot of things are changing or are bound to change and one of them is technology. Through technology, many gadgets have been made that can allow us to access the internet from the comfort of our houses or offices. This has made communication easier than it was before. At the same time, you can also use the internet to acquire more information on different topics including real estate. With all these at our disposal, one might ask where is the need to hire a commercial […]

Before we go ahead in anything, we should first understand what air conditioning is as there are several types of air conditioners and systems. There are several things which are in common while it is still difficult to decide which one to choose: To heat or cool down the air in the room they are designed for. Ducted air con in Sydney improves the quality of the air. Regular maintenance is required. Sydney homeowners are often overwhelmed by the options which they have with ducted air conditioning installation. There are few factors which need to be considered whether you are […]

Preparing your home for the new season is always exciting and nice, but it can also be quite tiring, especially if you live in a huge condo or a family house with lots of rooms. However, knowing what a proper spring cleaning, for example, does to your place and how much fresher it will be afterwards, you won’t be put off by the number of tasks you have to complete, and you’ll finish your spring cleaning in just a couple of days. You should first make a plan and try to stick to it as much as you can, as […]

Our workplace is a place where ideas come together along with hard-working people, trying to make them a reality. Brainstorming, tight schedules and many other work-related obstacles can lead to a heated working environment. And that is a good thing, up to a point. Conflict is good as long it is a productive one. Now that might be counter intuitive, but let’s think about it for a moment. If we have conflict in the workplace that means there are multiple ideas presented as a solution to a business endeavor. That is great! That means we have put together a team […]

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