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Acclaimed Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise was forced to reinvent himself when he ventured into the field of acting. Cruise was natural on stage, but had a reading disability that prevented him from learning his lines. That was a big road block in his success and Cruise decided to do something about the disability that made him the butt of the joke throughout his school life. So when he decided to do something about his handicap, he told himself to make “mental images” of the lines he read and that’s how he maneuvered his way through his disability, making him one of the top earning actors in the industry.

You too are as imperfect as Tom Cruise as anybody else, and need to take a call on doing something about it. Sometimes our image, habits, or attitude becomes a stumbling block in our road to success. That’s when we need to change our way of thinking and give ourselves a face lift.

Some of the ways you could do a complete makeover of your inner as well as outer personality are shared below:

1. Have a goal that you are passionate about.

Obviously, you won’t be compelled to reinvent yourself just for nothing. It must be tied to a goal you wish to achieve – could be anything a career goal, or your personal image. It should be a goal that you have burning desire for. You must have real connection with the goal or else you will not work on yourself the “reinvent way”.

2. Decide

When you have understood you cannot grow further in a particular field and that there are serious roadblocks preventing your growth, think about a solution and then decide. Just decide to stick to your solution strategy no matter what. There was a time when noted philanthropist Oprah Winfrey felt the same when she was unable to grow in her media career any further. She decided to become fearless and voice out to her seniors that she deserves equal pay at work (vis-a-vis men). Many of her seniors told her, “You are not married or raising kids, you don’t have bills to pay” Later on, with this fearless attitude, Oprah launched her own media company and wrote history.

3 Work on new look and a cultivated body language

Sometimes it is just about hitting the chord, with the right body, the right superficial personality and the right body language. When you want to be seen as part of a league, you should first of all look like one. You look at wrestlers and the way they show a certain body and body strength, and charismatic confidence in their smile.

For instance, if you are an actor, grooming and fitness must reflect from your physique and you should be neither thin nor fat to be able to fit in any role. Your portfolio should exhibit a wide range of roles and look. You must be a smiling personality as that lends a person popularity. You must generally be a friendly person and be good at networking as that gets the person good roles.

If you are a student and you’d want to become a serious and scholarly student, jot down all the possible qualities in the order of your recall. So if it is “calm and silent nature” that comes to your mind, write that down as point number one. The reason is that this recall exercise also reflects how your mind perceives a certain quality, embracing those attributes then works a tremendous solution in the shift of one’s own thinking and the actual personal image.

4. A Tattoo or some sort of a physical demonstration might work for you. Just like, when product decides to change its ingredients, it also changes its packaging (i.e. the exterior). A tattoo, small or big, on your body will be a constant reminder to you and the world of your new philosophy. Your face book display picture, cover photos must also be in sync with your philosophy.

5. Celebrate your reinvention every year and every day. If you’ve decided you are going to become a singer then sing more songs every day, every month and every year. Hold a concert kind of every year in the festive season. Promote it on face book. If someone gives you an offer to sing, just say ,“Yes”. Say more and more Yeses to the offers your new role is support to deliver on. The universe starts tapping on the Yeses and you start to get accepted as your new role.

6. Create a vision board of your dream goal. Take big chart paper and either draw or put pictures of all the symbols of success of your dream goal. Once you have doodled and pasted on your chart paper, put it up on the wall of your room and let the magic begin. Vision boards are proven examples of manifesting one’s new reality. It silently reprograms your subconscious mind to believe and start living a new reality. It doesn’t take long then to achieve one’s goal.

7. Writing down on paper is another excellent way of reprogramming one’s subconscious mind. Just by simply writing down one’s affirmations (“I am a successful singer”) many times, say a 100 times a day, one can start witnessing tangible results in one’s life.

You may need to reinvent yourself at different points in your life. It maybe at the time of choosing your career or the time when you were in the midst of a change in the business environment where your product was becoming obsolete. Man is an intelligent animal and blessed with the ability to fight and survive. Today humanity is finding ways and means to conserve the natural beauty and life of our planet earth by newer innovations. When it comes to our personal challenges, we have the ability to evolve and reinvent to the degree of our imagine. Its true when we say, “If you can conceive it, your mind can believe it then you can achieve it”.

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